Why You Need to Know Your Readiness Score

Having the right system in place to help you with business continuity in the face of emergencies and disasters means little if you can’t employ it correctly and have the necessary support to do so effectively across a wide ray of potential situations. That’s why we created our Readiness Score Survey and based it on our Customer Readiness Commitment, so you have not only the most effective system for your needs but also the tools and support needed to employ it for maximum readiness. Understanding your organization’s readiness score now will help you know what kind of journey you have ahead of you and what the steps are to getting you fully prepared for whatever the world may throw at your business. Our survey will lead you through questions specifically formulated by our seasoned emergency management professionals to determine your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to disaster preparedness.

What You Can Learn

As you work through the quiz you may become aware of opportunities your organization is missing, or you may have no idea of what that readiness number will be until the quiz is completed. Once you have your score in hand, you can begin to identify areas for improvement to your processes and systems. Often, teams have a couple of places where their preparedness could use a boost, and we work together to create simplified processes that help you fill those gaps without worry, making it easy to not only make your preparedness plan stronger but to perform drills and evaluations more regularly with ease as well.

What Your Team Should Know

Sharing your readiness score and what you have learned from it with your team can make it a powerful internal resource. By making it available, you not only help your entire organization understand better how prepared (or unprepared as the case may be) your business really is if an emergency were to strike today, tomorrow, or the next day. This high level of understanding opens the door for you to engage your team in more detailed conversations about business continuity and the opportunities you have to set everyone up for success even in the toughest of situations.

Get the Right Solution

After you complete our readiness survey, the score becomes a baseline measurement from which we can work together to build your perfect solution. Though all organizations do need to ensure that all the same bases are covered in the event of a business disruption, not all organizations will approach covering those bases in the same way. Having the right architecture, steps, and practices in place will make a world of difference in how your business bounces back when disruption occurs. Once you have your score, we will work together through a custom process including detailed readiness scoping, onsite deployment planning, people/process integration, systems integration, post-deployment support, quarterly releases and an annual satisfaction survey. Our commitment to you is clear – we want to keep you prepared no matter how the threat landscape may evolve. If you’re ready to find your readiness score, take our survey now.

About MissionMode

MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system specifically designed to handle your needs from end to end. Our Situation Center Suite acts as a virtual command center in times of crisis, helping your organization stay on track through both emergencies or more routine operations by enabling your team to effectively communicate and project manage incidents from onset to resolution. The MissionMode Notification Center allows our clients to send two-way multimodal notifications to employees during times of crisis.

From incident management to mass notification to interactive field communications, mobile control, integrated weather planning and more, MissionMode’s team of seasoned and certified emergency managers and business continuity practitioners are dedicated to being an intuitive and easy to use partner in your incident management and mass communication needs.