Customer Readiness Commitment

Crisis Readiness Preparation

MissionMode provides both the systems and support you need for maximum readiness.
Our goal is not just to equip you with a tool, but to help you deploy it in the optimal way to simplify your emergency notification and incident management processes moving forward.

That’s why we developed our Customer Readiness Commitment.  From your first interaction with MissionMode, our team of seasoned emergency management professionals are focused on helping you with crisis readiness preparation that will identify opportunities for improvement and implement systems and processes to fill those gaps.

Key components of the Customer Readiness Commitment include:


Customer Readiness Survey: Our simple online tool that calculates your readiness number relative to best-in-class business continuity organizations and provides useful tips on how to improve.

Initial Consultation and Demo: First contact with our team where we delve deeper into your current business continuity processes and demonstrate ways these can be strengthened.

Detailed Readiness Scoping: One of our Customer Experience Directors will work with you and your team to define a specific readiness plan and recommended services.

Onsite Kick-off and Deployment Planning: Your personal Customer Experience Director will meet with your team to provide full training on system capabilities and jointly develop a deployment plan customized to your business needs.  Our team has experience across a wide variety of industries and incident types.  We provide situation-specific training  showing various deployment options and explaining the benefits to your business.

People and Process Integration: Your Customer Experience Director will train your administrators on how to set up your MissionMode Situation Center Suite tools to implement your customized deployment plan.

Business Systems Integration Support: We provide tools and advice to your IT team for integration of key systems (HR, IT) as part of your MissionMode implementation.  Actual integration can also be performed for an extra fee.

Post Deployment Support: Your Customer Experience Director remains available for additional questions, training and addition of system functionality post deployment and will reach out proactively to see if all your needs are being met. You can email anytime with questions or contact our 24 x 7 hotline in case of emergency.

Quarterly Releases: MissionMode is continually enhancing our solutions based on customer input and identification of opportunities for improvement.  Each quarter we issue a release update that explains any changes, upcoming scheduled downtime and other information relevant to our users.

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey: While we have processes in place to stay in touch with customers and expect you to contact us if you are experiencing any issues, we also do an annual customer satisfaction survey to determine if there are additional ways we can support our clients.

At MissionMode, we take pride in offering expert advice and personalized support.  Our Customer Experience Directors are the best in the business.  Your team will reap the benefits of their experience and enjoy the process of jointly developing the right plan for your business.