Why Third Party Integrations Matter in Your IMS

Incident Management Systems have come a long way since their inception, but even with the advancements in technology, it’s not always easy to find a system that suits your needs by allowing for important, sometimes even critical, customization via API and third-party integration. Believe it or not, many systems don’t allow this sort of integration, making your BC plan for specific scenarios harder to achieve when multiple systems must be accessed.

Experience Matters

Some of what comes into play when it comes to integrating third-party apps and functionality with your IMS system ties back to experience. We’ve been doing this long enough to know what people need, and we have been fortunate enough to develop a system that allows us to deliver just that. Pair that with a team who knows how to architect a system that fits in with your plans and elevates your organization’s ability to bounce back, and you’ve got a powerful tool on your hands that will prepare you for any business disruption that might come your way.

Integrate for Your Needs

What types of things might you consider integrating from a third party? One of the most common we see is weather-related. Because natural disasters can bring about the most unexpected and catastrophic business disruptions, integrations like Accuweather allow BC teams to send alerts when weather warnings occur and tie those responses directly into your comprehensive business continuity plan. Other integrations can help keep you abreast of any issues with your organization’s security systems and other critical systems, allowing your response to be even more immediate and stop negative impact in its tracks.

Level up Your BC Systems

Down to the second response is what’s expected of businesses in today’s world, and having the power to respond to (and know when you need to respond) any disruption that might come your way is the key to bouncing back quickly and minimizing damage. In order to do this, leveling up your BC systems with third party integrations might be exactly what you need. After all, maybe that additional integration is the missing piece keeping you from reacting in the way you need. Ready to level up your BC systems and be fully prepared to execute on your most robust continuity plan yet? We’d love to help.

About MissionMode

MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system, specifically designed to handle your organization’s needs from end to end. The MissionMode Notification Center allows our clients to send two-way multimodal notifications to employees during times of crisis. Our Situation Center acts as a virtual command center in times of emergency or during a business disruption, helping our clients to successfully manage the given emergency by enabling your team to be activated in a virtual setting, performing assigned tasks and checklists related to the given incident from onset to resolution.

From incident management to mass notification to interactive field communications, mobile control, integrated weather planning and more, MissionMode’s team of seasoned and certified emergency managers and business continuity practitioners are dedicated to being a reliable partner in your incident management and mass communication needs.