the anatomy of an emergency notification

The Anatomy of an Emergency Notification

Creating emergency notifications can be an intimidating thing for a team to take on. Crafting the messages that will be sent to key stakeholders and mass audiences in the event of a crisis or business disruption (rightfully so) holds a lot of weight. But it doesn’t have to be the kind of thing that freezes you in your tracks. If your BC plan is stalling here, let us help you out. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into the making of a high quality, effective emergency notification, and why getting it right goes beyond merely crafting something solid.

Use Templates for Inspiration

There are templates out there for a reason. We don’t suggest copying someone else’s templates exactly, but they can be an excellent starting point. Search for scenario-specific templates and see what you can leverage to create your own templates that are ready for delivery when the time comes. Going scenario-specific lets you fully prepare on a more granular level for anything that might come your way, and lets you know that you have the tools in your BC kit necessary to respond well, and efficiently no matter what situation arises.

Be Clear

Here’s the thing about an emergency notification – there’s no room for mistakes. It’s important information going out at a time when people are already on high alert, and your notifications will be communicating critical information at a critical time. There should be no way to misconstrue what you’re sending out. Clarity is King when it comes to emergency notifications and mass notification systems.

Be Concise

Along with clarity, time is of the essence in the aftermath of any crisis, business disruption, or disaster. This is not the time for long-winded messages or pages of information that can’t immediately be put into action. Be concise with your emergency messaging – only the necessary info, presented plainly, and quickly. This will help you move thing along in a timely matter when doing so is of utmost importance.

Mobile is a Must

In order to get the timing right, and to keep the critical conversation flowing as you work on getting your team and business back on track as quickly as possible, you can’t rely solely on a desktop application to put your BC plan into motion. If your IMS or emergency notification system doesn’t have a mobile app, you’re missing out on major functionality that is absolutely essential to bouncing back quickly and efficiently, as well as not missing a beat as things unfold. Make sure you have all your templates and messages available via mobile as well as in your desktop system. MissionMode has a robust mobile app that allows you complete incident management ability regardless of where you are, as long as you have your device on hand.

Being able to respond to crises is all about preparation and flexibility. Crafting those crucial messages comes as a result of the intersection between those two. If your templates are mostly prepared, and you have the mobility and remote access you need, you are in an excellent position to communicate the necessary things to the right people at the right time, even in the midst of a major business disruption.

About MissionMode

MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system, specifically designed to handle your organization’s needs from end to end. The MissionMode Notification Center allows our clients to send two-way multimodal notifications to employees during times of crisis. Our Situation Center acts as a virtual command center in times of emergency or during a business disruption, helping our clients to successfully manage the given emergency by enabling your team to be activated in a virtual setting, performing assigned tasks and checklists related to the given incident from onset to resolution.

From incident management to mass notification to interactive field communications, mobile control, integrated weather planning and more, MissionMode’s team of seasoned and certified emergency managers and business continuity practitioners are dedicated to being a reliable partner in your incident management and mass communication needs.