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Strong 2015 El Niño Predicted for Fall: Be Prepared

One of the most unnerving elements in business is predicting what to anticipate for your company in the future. Most businesses worry about economic problems, but what about possible weather disasters? According to The Washington Post, the United States could be in for a strong El Niño in the fall. An El Niño can impact the world’s climate, but it starts with rising temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that lead to temporary changes in the atmosphere. The computer models predict that it could be even larger than the record-holding El Niño of 1997 and if this Spring’s rainfall is any indicator, the models may be on to something. At MissionMode it is our duty to help you stay on top of weather-related threats. Here’s a look at what you can expect to result from this particularly severe 2015 El Niño.

A severe Pacific typhoon season

Typhoon season in the Pacific is already off to a strong start, with seven typhoons already formed in 2015. This is already the highest number ever recorded this early in the season. Due to the effects of the imminent El Niño, ocean temperatures in the Pacific are about 4⁰ Fahrenheit higher than usual. This may not seem like a huge difference, but experts believe that this change in temperature will increase the number of typhoons, especially from July to November.

Decrease in tornadoes

Despite the fact that an El Niño in and of itself is a terrible disaster, there will be positive effects that come from it as well. A strong El Niño will most likely continue to keep tornado numbers down. Tornado season already had a quiet start this year, but with an El Niño developing, the chances of these numbers continuing to stay low, is probable.

Relaxed Atlantic hurricane season

While the Pacific will be negatively affected by the El Niño, forecasters expect the Atlantic will benefit from it. El Niños typically don’t affect the tropical Atlantic too much. An El Niño characteristically results in aggressive upper-level winds in the tropical Atlantic, which actually limits the number of tropical storms.

California rain

One of the top benefits that could come from this particular El Niño is increased rainfall in California. California has been in a constant state of drought for years and this increase in rain would drastically help their situation. While it is not expected to completely end the drought, the increased precipitation would be enthusiastically welcomed.

How to Use this Information

Remember that weather is unpredictable and can be disastrous at times. A powerful El Niño could have major consequences all over the world. Make sure you are prepared and aware of all incoming weather. To learn how MissionMode’s Integrated Weather Planning tool could benefit your business, please call us at 877-833-7763 or contact us online for information.