Integrated Weather Planning

Groundbreaking Crisis Management Tools
for Weather Threats

Accuweather integrationMissionMode has partnered with AccuWeather to provide web-based software for identifying weather-related threats, rapidly notifying people, coordinating the response, and effectively responding to the threats. This is the only comprehensive incident management and emergency notification system for responding to severe weather events. It combines the weather intelligence of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions with MissionMode’s online virtual command center.

Site-specific weather warnings from AccuWeather are integrated with our Situation Center, an online command center for sending mass notifications and coordinating crisis response. Organizations have used MissionMode to minimize risks during numerous weather incidents, including hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, tornadoes and snow storms.

When a severe weather threat occurs, it’s critical that the right people have accurate, up-to-the-minute information for their specific location. AccuWeather’ meteorologists send warnings for the affected sites to an organization’s Situation Center system, which automatically notifies the staff members that track and respond to severe weather. If a response is needed, the Situation Center can send alerts to any number of people via landline phone, mobile phone, SMS text message, email, pager or fax.

The virtual command room for the incident is automatically customized for that type of severe weather threat. From the start, your team will be equipped with the right emergency plans, checklists, and people to notify. Authorized personnel in any location use the command center to contribute and view vital information, track people’s status, view reports and photos from the field, and monitor tasks.

Your organization can also realize significant savings when you don’t need to respond to a weather threat. AccuWeather’s unique null warnings tell you when local severe weather will not affect specific facilities, which avoids costly, unnecessary shut-downs and evacuations.

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