Interactive Field Communications

MissionMode Mobile

mobile-earshot-small-for-sidebar-clickWhen a crisis is unfolding at a specific location, sharing time-sensitive data can be critical for making informed decisions.  Whether you need to view images of storm damage at another location, keep abreast of a physical security threat as it unfolds or interview eye-witnesses remotely, standard smartphones don’t provide all the functionality you need in a crisis.

The MissionMode Mobile solution was specifically designed to facilitate interactive crisis communications across remote locations.  MissionMode Mobile goes far beyond simple notification. It combines a unique mobile app, web-based control console and emergency notification into one integrated system. With MissionMode Mobile control, you communicate using rich, 2-way messages and location-based services, even when SMS and voice communications channels aren’t functioning. Exchange messages that include:

  • Unlimited text
  • Forms and checklists
  • Photos
  • Documents and links
  • GPS location

Increase the effectiveness of your security team by arming them with the tools they need for effective two-way field communications.  MissionMode Mobile is used by universities around the country to improve campus security and response time.  Don’t just send an alert. Establish a dialog using rich, 2-way mobile messages, forms, photos and GPS location mapping.

MissionMode Mobile Advantages

  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Enables anytime, anywhere communications
  • Rich, 2-way messaging
  • Share forms, photos, video
  • Speeds access to critical field information
  • Collect and record crowdsourcing information on the spot
  • Create a common operating picture of a field crisis as it occurs
  • React quickly and with more complete information


Industrial-grade technology that’s simple to use.

MissionMode Mobile is built on the same technology that’s trusted by Fortune 100 companies around the globe. It’s designed to be easy to use when the pressure is on, which is crucial during a fast-moving crisis.


  • Works through cell data connections or Wi-Fi
  • GPS location automatically transmitted
  • Fully customizable user profiles
  • Resource Library for files, documents and Web links


  • Works with any Web-enabled device
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Create templates for any scenario


  • Target specific buildings, campuses, teams and roles
  • Message to mobile app: Unlimited text and form fields
  • Message from mobile app: Unlimited text, photos, form responses and GPS location
  • Alerts (all other devices):
    Voice: Text-to-speech or recorded voice
    Text: SMS and email
  • Send different messages to different device types
  • One-touch connection to conference call or hotline


  • Supports multiple departments and organizations
  • Unlimited devices, recipients, teams and templates
  • Automatic time-stamped audit log
  • Customize the interface to your organization


  • Web-hosted infrastructure: available when yours isn’t
  • Strong encryption for secure web communications


MissionMode Mobile can be integrated with application such as HR databases, global directories, physical security systems, and IT help desks.


  • MissionMode Mobile rich media messages: Apple iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Voice alerts: any phone device – mobile, landline, VoIP, satellite and smartphone
  • Text alerts: any SMS or email-compatible device, including mobile phones, tablets and computers

The online control console works with any Web-capable device, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones.

MissionMode Mobile in Action

Corporate and campus security teams can’t be everywhere at once.  That’s why MissionMode created the MissionMode Mobile Interactive Communication solution to help security teams more quickly receive and assess information on emergencies as they unfold.

When severe weather or a physical security threat occurs, security and facilities teams need to monitor the situation closely.  The crisis operations team can use MissionMode Mobile to deliver instructions, collect field data and inform management.  As the situation unfolds, MissionMode Mobile can be used to make evacuation decisions and assess damage, deliver alerts.

Smart features allow for faster decision-making and ensure safety:

  • Real time 2-way messaging with field employees keeps all team members abreast of the situation as it unfolds
  • Collect critical field information via phone, text, photos and video from employees and eye-witnesses on location
  • Quickly locate employees and students to verify safety and advise of security measures they need to take
  • GPS tracking helps pinpoint security threat location for emergency response
  • Notify impacted parties when security threat has passed