Desktop Alerting/Digital Signage

Computer Screen Notifications

Quickly Deliver Alerts to Select Desktops and Digital Signs

Desktop Alerts
Desktop Alerting
The key to effective mass notification is to deliver messages in multiple ways.  One easy way to catch the attention of computer users is via full or partial screen pop-up messages on their computer screens with emergency messaging.  MissionMode Desktop Alerts are a simple way to deliver notifications to all or selected PCs and Macs across your enterprise in the event of an emergency.  Desktop Alerts are easy to send and activate instantly when triggered through the server.  Recipients can respond instantly with the click of a button to acknowledge receipt.

Some key features of MissionMode Desktop Alerts include:

  • Highly Customizable: Computer screen notifications include text, logos, behavior, context menu text can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs
  • Cross-Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Easy Installation: Compatible with desktop management tools for unattended installs. Clients automatically configure themselves
  • Dynamic Delivery Rules: Clients can easily customize who is to receive the alert based on a variety of business rules or GIS mapping
  • Non-Invasive: Runs in background with minimal network traffic (~1 KB per request)
  • Auditing / Reporting: Detailed real-time reports track who receives / acknowledges each message and the current status of each client
  • Audio Options: Automatically enunciate the alert message with text-to-speech or initiate sound files when a notification is received
  • Image and Rich Content: Images, for example of an intruder captured from surveillance cameras can be easily embedded in the pop-up alert, or select from the provided library of useful emergency and informational icon images

Digital Signage
Many organizations employ digital signage to communicate routine messages throughout public areas.  MissionMode’s Digital Signage Override service can quickly transform these message boards into emergency alerting devices.  The solution is compatible with most LCD screen, LED marquees and digital media systems.  In the event of an emergency, the normal digital signage content is replaced by a customized alert message with red text flashing “Alert” in the middle of the screen to capture viewer attention and a scrolling message communicating the details of the emergency and how viewers should respond.

MissionMode’s Desktop Alerts and Digital Signage solutions are delivered in partnership with Alertus.  Visit Alertus website.