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MissionMode Situation Center Suite

mobile-solutions-collage-smallMissionMode is the only crisis management company with solutions specifically designed for end-to-end incident management.  Our Situation Center Suite acts as a virtual command center in times of crisis or for more routine operations, enabling your team to effectively communicate and project manage incidents to resolution.

The Situation Center Suite contains a wide array of tools to help your organization simplify emergency management and minimize negative impacts of unplanned business disruptions.

Explore the solutions below to see how MissionMode can help your organization simplify crisis communications and management:

Incident Management: MissionMode’s Situation Center is the only true end-to-end incident management solution.  It acts as a virtual command center for communications and project management.  Built for ease of use in a crisis, the Situation Center includes individual and team task checklists, a project dashboard, file sharing, project log and much more.

Mass Notification System: Our Notification Center provides state-of-the-art emergency notification with an easy to use tool that can delivery 2-way messages to a wide variety of devices based on smart automation rules.

Interactive Field Communications: Earshot is MissionMode’s unique mobile solution for real-time field communications.  It enables sharing of information in multiple formats, includes a GPS locator and communications log to track communications across a dispersed audience as an event unfolds.

Mobile Control: All MissionMode solutions can be accessed via smartphone or tablet with our mobile apps because emergencies often don’t happen when you are sitting at your desk.  Situation Center Mobile™, Notification Center Mobile™, and Earshot simplify remote access to our incident management tools.

Integrated Weather Planning: Seamlessly link to Accuweather to link tasks and messaging to the latest forecasts as they become available.

Desktop Alerts/Digital Signage: Display pop-up alerts to the desktop and distributed digital signs with our location-based alerting solutions.