Supply Chain Recovery

Supply Chain Risk and Crisis Management

By Professor Alan Braithwaite
Cranfield University and LCP Consulting

This white paper draws on established case material and supply chain risk management principles to show the need to plan for risk mitigation and recovery, and how to go about it.

In today’s volatile and interdependent economy, even the best organized companies are increasingly vulnerable to many types of supply chain disruptions that are beyond their control.

Crisis Preparedness Ins and Outs - Supply ChainUntil recently, the effort to manage these disruptions has concentrated on achieving better stability. But the increasing rate of shocks, surprises and unpredictability has added supply chain risk management and recovery to the boardroom agenda.

Business success will often depend on having a process to deal with events that cannot be planned for. Response and recovery in a global business involves teams working in various locations toward a common process, and effective communications becomes critical to a fast response.

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