ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard

Presenter: John McGill

One of the first consultants to gain ISO 22301 certification
for an international organization

ISO 22301 is the new international standard for Business Continuity Management best practice. It provides organizations with a framework to manage risk and ensure that they can continue operations in any type of event. The standard also gives stakeholders and customers absolute confidence in the organization’s resilience.

In this free webinar, ISO 22301 expert John McGill will help you understand the standard, why it’s important, and how to plan for certification. With his guidance, you will see how implementing the standard can give your organization a competitive advantage.

You will learn:

  • What the standard is
  • Why you want to follow ISO 22301’s guidance
  • How to plan an ISO 22301 certification project
  • What a Business Impact Analysis should include
  • What building a Business Continuity Management System entails

The webinar is designed for those considering certification in the standard, switching from BS 25999, or wanting to improve their Business Continuity planning. It is also for anyone who simply wants to understand the standard.