Best-in-Class Crisis Preparation: Maximize Readiness with the Four T’s

Presenter: Jason Zimmerman

Vice President Operations, MissionMode

While business continuity management as a discipline continues to develop rapidly, it’s clear that many companies worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness. There’s no doubt that business continuity management is complex, but there are things every company can do to speed up their BCM maturity curve.

In this webinar, Jason Zimmerman takes an in-depth look at common pitfalls as well as solutions to improve program effectiveness that any company can implement. He shares results from MissionMode’s Readiness Survey and experience gained working with MissionMode clients including Gap, Inc., Xcel Energy and others to illustrate how the right combination of teamwork, templates, testing and tools helps organizations enhance their business continuity programs.

Attendees will gain:

  • Insight on the Four T’s Approach as a framework for success
  • Understanding of the importance of C-level involvement
  • Knowledge of the key roles for any BCM team
  • Tactics to test and practice your approach
  • Tips for program success from MissionMode case studies