Dejana Industries Case Study

Dejana Industries is a privately owned “family” of companies in continuous business since 1962 providing a broad array ofDejana Industries Case Study | MissionMode outdoor services including snow removal, equipment leasing/sales, street sweeping, solid waste collection/disposal and catch basin cleaning for both municipal and commercial customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, New England, Midwest and as far west as Denver, Colorado.

Previously contacting, recruiting and scheduling subcontractors for snow removal each time a storm was predicted had been an arduous and time consuming task involving hours of individual phone calls and conversations to locate, inform and recruit workers for each individual snow event. Most of Dejana’s subcontractors have other jobs and are not always available when a particular snow storm approaches, so many individuals need to be contacted to locate an available crew.

In September, 2014 Dejana deployed MissionMode’s Notification Center solution across all divisions to speed and simplify the task of snow removal crew scheduling. Timekeepers were able to reduce the time it takes to get a message out to their subcontractors from four hours to one minute. Subcontractor adoption of the system was excellent with 70-90% message response rates depending on the division.

We needed a notification partner that would take the time to thoroughly train our General Managers all across divisions. This was a huge process change for us. It was imperative that our employees felt confident that the new system would work and that their subcontractors would respond. MissionMode helped make this change go as smoothly as possible.
— Vice President of System Operations, Dejana Industries