Birmingham Airport

Simpler Routine and Crisis Operations Management

A simpler way to manage complex 24×7 operations and respond to crises

Birmingham Airport (UK) had been using time-consuming methods for coordinating operational and emergency incidents. Records were being kept by various teams in different locations and systems. It was difficult for them to get an accurate, coordinated view of what was happening throughout the airport.

When an emergency occurred, the team overseeing the response was often flooded with requests for information, and they did not have the resources to manually contact everyone affected by an incident.

To solve these problems, they implemented MissionMode’s emergency notification and incident management solutions. Now, the company is increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving safety with the help of MissionMode. The case study shows how.

MissionMode provides a common operating picture across all departments. Our staff can see at a glance the status of any incident and make better-informed decisions.
— Airport Manager Birmingham Airport