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Push Notifications for Web Browsers to Reach People Where They Pay Attention

Now that app-style notifications are generally accepted by smart-phone users, it’s just a matter of time until we will see similar implementation of push notifications by other industries. In 2015, most leading web browsers will be able to support this technology. This allows websites to ask visitors to opt in to receive notifications even if the site is not open in the browser at the time. Similar to our Desktop Alert system, push notification technology reaches people where they are more apt to pay attention.

Expansion of Push Notifications
Mobile device users have come to expect—and even appreciate—the pop-up windows that let you know you’ve got mail or a new Tweet. Push-notification capability was a strong consideration when designers created the technology for the Apple Watch and Google Glass. Although regular websites may be the last ones to the party, experts expect within the next year websites representing most industries will join the New York Times and the NBA websites that already issue notifications, although they currently only have the capability to send to Apple desktop computers.

Google and Mozilla to Add Push Notification Technology
Once Google and Mozilla build push notification technology into their Chrome and Firefox browsers, the majority of people browsing the Web from a PC will be able to have access to this feature. The result will be web pages that can function similarly to mobile apps allowing timely information to reach the user without having to go through an installation process. News agencies can push info about breaking news, airlines can send travel updates and people can be reached in the event of an emergency. Currently Google and Mozilla haven’t commented on when they will have this capability, but industry insiders expect it to be within the next few months.

Enhance Web Pages to Compete
Mobile web pages have struggled to engage users and have fallen short in this regard when compared to what’s available from the app store. Push-notification technology could offer the user a richer website experience by allowing users to respond to alerts with the click of a button.

Desktop Alerts
It’s important to deliver messages in multiple ways to ensure effective communication. In times of emergency, one critical tool for mass notification is via pop-up box on computers with an emergency message. MissionMode Desktop Alerts make it simple to notify all or a subset of computers including PCs and Macs across your network in the event of an emergency. Messages are easy to send and recipients can respond instantly with a click of a button so you know they’ve received it.

How to Use This Information
When assessing your communication strategy, it’s always a great idea to ensure you’re utilizing the latest technology available. As with push notification adoption across multiple web browsers, our Desktop Alerts get your message directly to the computers of those who need to see it. Please give us a call at 877-833-7763 or contact us online so we can help you enhance your emergency notification system.

What kind of push notifications would you be interested in receiving?