Aviation Emergency Preparedness

101809256Aviation has its own array of challenges in managing disruptive events. Weather and aircraft mechanical issues frequently result in scheduling changes. Regulations require specific logging and management of every delay. Travelers need to be notified, employee schedules need to be modified and communicated, flight schedules need to be adapted and more. Meanwhile business continuity teams must work together to manage IT incidents or, in the worst case, aircraft accident response.

MissionMode works with many aviation industry players like JetBlue, FedEx, Alaska Airways, Virgin America, Hawaiian Airlines and numerous airport authorities such as Birmingham and Montego Bay Airports providing the aviation emergency preparedness tools they require for fast easy communication of critical information, sharing real-time data and photos from field locations, and execute successful incident management processes for effective event resolution.

The key for Birmingham Airport is having a system in place that the team uses on a 24/7 basis, so that it is familiar, easy to use and automated in the event of an incident or accident at the airport. In the event of a major incident, the team can confidently use MissionMode to call out key personnel quickly and accurately. MissionMode allows those who have been called upon to access the key facts instantly wherever they are. By using MissionMode for everyday events, the Situation Center becomes a great place for members of the team to catch up with the on-going operational status, critical for a shift work team that covers a 24/7 environment.
— Chris Wilson, Airport Manager, Birmingham Airport

Primary Applications

MissionMode Situation Center Suite is used across all types of aviation emergency preparedness events to improve distribution of critical information to staff and customers, receive message confirmation and feedback from a geographically distributed employees, and efficiently handle operations during a crisis.

Some of the primary applications include:

Severe Weather – Severe storms can cause airport shutdowns, flight delays and cancellations. Passenger alerts need to be delivered on a timely basis, employees need to be located to ensure safety and communicate schedule changes, airport facilities and aircraft need to be safeguarded or repaired, and more.

IT System Failure – Online scheduling and ticketing systems are the heart of airline operations. In 2013, when American Airlines experienced a five hour FOS system outage, over 500 flights were delayed or cancelled nationwide. MissionMode tools can help communicate IT issues to all who need to know and enable successful collaboration on IT disaster recovery.

Crew Scheduling – Illness, flight delays and other daily occurrences drive the need for continual updates to aviation crew scheduling. The ability to locate impacted employees across multiple devices and notify them of scheduling changes is critical to the smooth operations of any aviation company.

Aircraft Accidents – While rare, airplane accidents do occur and when they do, they require an extremely well-managed disaster recovery process. Relevant airline and regulatory agency personnel need to be immediately informed, the source of the accident must be identified, and passenger and employee families must be informed and assisted through the tragedy.

Physical Security Threat – An airline faced with a physical security threat first needs to take steps to ensure the safety of employees and passengers. Next management, law enforcement and regulatory agencies need to be informed and updated. MissionMode can help with tools for interactive communications and field information sharing that can support a physical security event.

Daily communications Log – Airport operations are 24×7 and require effective, timely communication. Operators need tools to manage operational issues, keep detailed event records, notify the right people in the event of a crisis, and inform employees of schedule changes.

MissionMode Solutions

MissionMode has the perfect tool set for aviation industry business continuity teams to successfully handle unplanned events. Our Situation Center Suite includes a unique collaborative virtual command center that boosts issue resolution efficiency, keeps a log of all tasks and communications, and facilitates easy-to-use two way messaging.

Intelligent, 2-Way Message Delivery – MissionMode Notification Center allows aviation companies to communicate with employees and passengers via email, land-line, mobile devices, SMS and more to communicate important information like flight delays and cancellations, schedule changes, security threats and IT outages. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems and opt-in customer alert systems to guarantee accurate contact information across all target mailing lists. Smart automation rules enable sequential message delivery across devices, escalation of alerts across the team and more. Recipience have multiple ways to respond including one-touch connection to a conference call. Most importantly, Notification Center is super easy to use and can be accessed from any location or device including our award-winning mobile application.

Collaborative Incident Management Tools – MissionMode Situation Center can improve an aviation company’s readiness and ability to efficiently handle disruptive events by making incident management collaborative, easy, and virtual. The tool can be pre-configured to help aviation company incident management teams work through a plethora of disruptive events such as weather and mechanical issue related delays, flight cancellations, crew scheduling updates and more by providing a collaboration platform that serves as a virtual command center. The easy-to-use Situation Center includes team and individual task checklists, seamless integration to our Notification Center for message delivery, a file sharing library for key documents, event log, a real-time dashboard giving all users a centralized view of event resolution activities and status, and customized online forms  .

Interactive Field Communications – MissionMode’s EarShot Solution enables distributed 2-way communications with field personnel in a crisis to support decision. Our proprietary mobile application allows airline and airport personnel to send mobile messages, photos, GPS location information, and forms to a geographically dispersed team to keep management informed as incidents occur in the field.

MissionMode Advantages

Aviation companies need to manage events such as weather-related flight delays, physical security threats to aircraft or passengers, and IT system outages while avoiding undue business impact. This requires planning, skill and the right partner. One with the tools, experience, and customer support to allow for maximum operational control.

Unlike most emergency management providers, MissionMode offers an end-to-end incident management solution. Because when a business disruption occurs, you don’t just need to communicate the problem, you need to solve it. MissionMode’s Situation Center Suite was uniquely designed to support the five key phases of incident management to boost your business’s overall readiness.

Key MissionMode advantages for airlines and airport operators include:

  • Works across unlimited devices, contact list, and templates
  • task checklists for teams and individuals
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with existing HR and IT systems
  • Virtual command center enables faster resolution
  • Cloud-based tool accessible from anywhere
  • Customized automation rules
  • Ability to pre-configure for many different event types
  • Select message recipients individually, by group, job function
  • GIS location mapping for geographically specific message delivery
  • Recorded voice alerts and text-to-speech alert translation
  • Multiple ways for recipients to respond including one-touch connection to conference calls
  • Team stays current via real-time project status dashboards
  • Up to the minute field intelligence via rich interactive field communications
  • System sequences through multiple user devices until confirmation received