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Preparing Your Business for a Potential Terrorist Attack

How would you notify your employees if a terrorist attack occurred near you? The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, recently claimed responsibility for openly shooting at an event in Garland, Texas hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). The AFDI, a known anti-Muslim hate group, planned for participants to draw cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad. This highly offensive act triggered shooters Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi to plan an attack at the event. Simpson and Soofi’s plot was thankfully foiled before they managed to do too much damage. They were shot by police on the scene. While Simpson and Soofi are not believed to have had a direct affiliation with ISIS, they performed the attack in the name of ISIS. Following the event, ISIS did claim responsibility for the terrorist attack and praised the two men.

What Does This Mean for the Future?                          

Terrorist attacks such as the one foiled in Texas, prompt us to contemplate when another attack might occur and how best to prepare for it. Robert Edson of MissionMode thinks future terrorist attacks will likely be led by small groups of people willing to act on behalf of militant organizations.

In a recent conversation with Continuity Insights, Edson said, “These aren’t what I would consider a lone wolf attack. I think this is a new breed of the way terrorism is going to start to manifest itself in the United States. You’re going to find groups of people willing to carry out smaller attacks until a stronger weakness to do something bigger. I think the proliferation of those attacks could become more substantial and more random.”

If Edson is right about the upcoming trend of small-scale terrorist attacks, then businesses of any size need to be prepared. As terrorist organizations continue to build their ranks, often through social media channels, we need a quick and effective way to respond and safeguard our employees when faced with the threat of terrorism. Victims of terrorist attacks don’t have time in the heat of the moment to escape; a system must be in place to detect potential threats and alert those in danger. Just like a fire drill or tornado warning, everyone should have a terrorist attack response plan.

Response Plan

MissionMode specializes in responding to emergency situations and terrorist attacks are no exception. With our Mass Notification System, businesses can locate and notify employees in seconds. This will allow for companies to shut-down quickly when time is of the utmost importance. Alerts can be sent as a text, phone call or e-mail sequentially until receipt confirmed. These communications can save valuable time in order to protect as many people as possible.

How to use this Information

MissionMode’s goal is to help organizations achieve maximum readiness. While many companies have plans in place to respond to severe weather or power outages, but far fewer are prepared to respond to a terrorist attack. To learn more about how MissionMode’s Emergency Notification System can help, please call us at 877-833-7763 or contact us online today.