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New MissionMode Release Launched July 23

MissionMode is pleased to announce that the new version of the MissionMode Situation Center Suite appeared for customers on July 23, 2015, at 8:00PM CDT. This new MissionMode release version includes a new alert mapping feature to provide an enhanced situational awareness capability, a simplified create page, and enhanced REST calls to support system integrations.

Alert Mapping

The new mapping feature allows alert creators to assign a location to an alert. Specifically, new Situation Center or Notification Center alerts can be given a location via a drag and drop map interface. Once that is done, member home screens will display a map with pins to identify the locations of both open Situation Center and Notification Center alerts that they have been included in. This is the first of many enhancements to come that will increase the situational awareness capabilities of MissionMode.

Updated Create Page

Once the enhanced mapping capability is activated within your MissionMode organization, the updated create page will also be available. This updated create page tabs the sections to simplify the creation of both Situation Center and Notification Center alerts.

Additionally, we included a few new API features to support our continued integration efforts with third-party applications.

MissionMode Mobile is constantly being updated. Enhancements to both platforms now include a “New User / Forgot Password” link, allowing for easy company-wide deployments of the mobile app for emergency notifications; and the Android version now includes full MissionMode Situation Center Suite access.

Customer Impact

  • The normal downtime of a few minutes will be experienced during the restart of the application.
  • There were no changes to the SOAP WSDL interface file in this release. Customers using the SOAP interface should not need to rebuild their applications.
  • A beta version of this release is available on our staging system for customer testing.

If you have general questions about this release, or about utilizing these features, please contact MissionMode Support.