MissionMode Situation Center Suite Helps the CDC Communicate in Sierra Leone

CHICAGO, November 2, 2014 — MissionMode, a leader in end-to-end incident management solutions to facilitate crisis management, is helping the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with emergency Ebola relief in Sierra Leone.

Emergency responders in West Africa had to find alternative mass communications methods to their U.S. based equipment. Using MissionMode’s Situation Center Suite, CDC Sierra Leone Team Room has leveraged MissionMode mobile applications to communicate and advise local CDC responders and healthcare volunteers.

Local CDC responders, some armed with basic mobile telephones and local numbers and others with smartphones and tablets, are able to use intelligent two-way messaging to share information via SMS and email.  These critical connections are helping to quickly deliver consistent information and avoid any confusion.

Jason Zimmerman, MissionMode Vice President of Customer Experience, was previously a CDC emergency responder and has reached out to his former colleagues to offer a much needed solution for crisis management and communications.  The company’s Situation Center Suite provides a unique set of tools to support crisis management teams including:

  • Robust mass notification via SMS, email, voice, fax and more
  • Detailed logging of incident communications
  • Individual and team task lists
  • Real-time dashboard of project tasks and status
  • Real-time confirmation of message receipt and response
  • Resource library supporting all file types
  • Reporting and records

Zimmerman, together with the rest of the MissionMode team, is providing both tools and ongoing support and training to the CDC’s Sierra Leone team to support their efforts and help them communicate effectively with workers on the front lines of the epidemic.

About MissionMode:

MissionMode is changing the game when it comes to crisis communications and incident management. The company’s Situation Center Suite simplifies the process of responding to any type of routine or emergency disruption with easy to use, yet powerful emergency notification and incident management applications. Industry-leading organizations from around the world rely on MissionMode’s web-based (SaaS) solutions to reduce response time and costs, boost operational efficiency, increase safety, reduce legal risks, and protect lives. MissionMode provides both the systems and support business continuity managers need for maximum readiness. At MissionMode, the goal is not just to provide the highest quality tools, but to help organizations with effective deployment in order to simplify emergency notification and incident management processes moving forward.

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