mass notification systems - 9/11/01

Mass Notification Systems Critical in the Incident Management Lifecycle

Robert Edson, Global Vice President Sales and Marketing for MissionMode, was recently interviewed by Continuity Insights on the importance of mass notification systems in the incident management lifecycle.  According to Mr. Edson, there’s building acceptance of mass notification systems as a must-have component for any businesses’ incident management strategy. A welcome side effect that companies with these systems are seeing is an improvement in communication and cooperation across all levels of the organization as well as gains in efficiency.

Mass Notification Systems – Crucial in the Incident Management Lifecycle
After the attacks of September 11, 2001, when it became abundantly clear it was critical for businesses to have the capability to communicate with a lot of people simultaneously, the industry saw a surge of interest in adding mass notification systems. “The efficiency gained is extraordinary,” Edson said.  “Anyone in the business continuity world will tell you that anything that positively impacts your RTO objectives from an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint is a good thing.”

Some key benefits of mass notification systems include:

  • Efficiency: There’s no doubt when time is of the essence, a message transmitted to thousands at the same time with a push of a button is crucial.
  • Cost savings: Whether it’s getting back to work sooner or freeing up essential personnel to tackle other problems during a large incident, a mass notification system can save companies money despite the initial investment. According to experts, when a mass notification system is utilized for smaller, but still critical, incidents, a culture of communication and awareness can also pay dividends and improves the response time when a larger incident is experienced.
  • Connects key personnel: Recovery time is enhanced because the system connects the decision-makers, expediting the conversations and decisions that need to be made.
  • Two-way communications: The right mass notification solution enables simple response from recipients allowing the sender to acknowledge message receipt, safety, availability, etc.

A Critical Cog in your Overall Incident Management, but Not the Only One
There’s no doubt a mass notification system is a critical piece in the incident management lifecycle, but it’s not the only one.

“Notification is and should be a step or several steps along the incident management lifecycle. Notification is a point in time. . .it’s a piece of the incident management lifecycle,” said Robert Edson,

Notification is not the end all, be all. Organizations really should take a look at all steps in their incident management plans to ensure there are not gaps.  Click here to view the full Continuity Insights article.

How to Use This Information
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At what point in the incident management lifecycle do you believe your business is the most vulnerable?