Mass Notification System

DRI International Award of Excellence | MissionModeWhen an unplanned business disruption occurs, responsive mass notification systems are critical.

Mission Mode Mass Notification Systems

Whether you need to locate employees to confirm their safety, notify customers of a product recall, or inform staff and suppliers about a location shut-down, time is of the essence when it comes to emergency mass notification and mass communication.  Individual communications platforms such as phone or email have inherent problems for an effective mass notification solution.  Recipients may or may not have access, and mass dialing can take significant time and resources.

MissionMode Notification Center™ emergency notification system and mass notification app were specifically designed to simplify and speed mass notification.  It is easy to use and manage, yet includes advanced automation features not found in many emergency management software systems.  Smart automation features help ensure successful message delivery and confirmation so that within minutes you can both send alerts and receive critical feedback from recipients.

When Sandy hit, it took a few days to reach individual employees to determine their whereabouts and safety. We realized the company needed a better solution. Our MissionMode Solutions gives us the ability to quickly send messages to widely dispersed employee groups and receive responses confirming both message receipt and employee safety.
— Susan Brown, Director Business ContinuityArgo Group

Mission Mode’s Emergency Notification Solutions

Increase the efficiency of your business continuity team by arming them with the tools they need for effective communications.  MissionMode’s Notification Center – Emergency Notification System is the mass notification software used by industry leading organizations around the world to successfully deliver the right messages to the right people and devices even during a fast-moving crisis.

Emergency Notification Center Advantages

  • Straightforward and simple to use crisis alert system
  • Enables anytime, anywhere communications
  • Smart automation for personalized message delivery
  • Escalates alerts across devices
  • GIS mapping for location-specific alerts
  • Recorded voice alerts or text-to-speech
  • Multiple ways for recipients to respond
  • Real-time status of receipt confirmation and feedback
  • One-touch connection to a conference call
  • API integration toolkit


MissionMode’s Notification Center includes features that are not found in many other systems, such as recorded voice alerts, the ability to send different messages to different devices in the same alert, and flexible recipient response tracking.  Intelligent automation adapts to changing situations and fits your work processes.  Schedule a demo today to experience the advantages of our mass notification system.

  • Designed for the average user
  • Works on computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Guaranteed delivery time
  • Strong encryption for secure web communications
  • Unlimited contact devices, recipients, teams and templates

Emergency Notification System Feature Comparison


Delivery through a wide range of channels, including land-line, mobile, smartphone, tablet, Blackberry, VoIP, SMS, email, push notifications, digital signage, pager and fax.


  • Send different email, SMS and voice messages to different types of devices

in the same alert

  • Customized templates eliminate guesswork and human error—pre-define the message, recipients and options for any scenario
  • Recorded voice alerts
  • Text-to-speech alerts
  • Choose recipients individually and by group, role or location
  • Target recipients by map location
  • Initiate alerts from any location
  • Define multiple choice polls to determine status
  • Dynamic teams based on roles


  • Real-time dashboard confirms message delivery, receipt and responses
  • Visual meters and charts show progress at a glance
  • Drill down to see details for specific people or criteria
  • Send follow-up alerts based on current responses, such as a message to everyone who indicated they need assistance.


  • Cycles through each person’s preferred devices and stops when they’re reached
  • Escalate between devices
  • Alternate contacts
  • Sequential “first to respond” messages
  • Configurable calling parameters
  • Automatic message receipt verification
  • Prioritize delivery for each recipient
  • Flexible call throttling to prevent Center Office or PBX overload


  • One-touch connection to a conference call or hotline
  • Respond to the alert by menu choice, voice or text
  • Respond by voice, SMS, email or native mobile app


  • Launch alerts using tablets or smartphones
  • View real-time delivery reports
  • Respond to push notifications
  • Gather responses using polls


  • XML/API integration toolkit
  • Customize interface languages for different audiences
  • Supports multiple organizations and divisions


  • Automatic time-stamped audit record of all messages, responses and activities
  • Export data to your preferred reporting tool
  • Archive records for future analysis

How it Works

The MissionMode Notification Center is built for speed and simplicity.  When a critical incident is identified, just choose a template and go. The alert is automatically customized with the right message, recipients and automation rules. Guesswork and errors are eliminated. Situation-specific alerts can also be composed from scratch.

Different types of devices have different capabilities, and many systems force you into a one-size-fits-all message. With the Notification Center, you send the best message for each communication channel—voice, email and SMS.

Smart features help you get the right messages to the right people and devices fast and track the feedback you need to make critical business decisions:

  • Intelligent automation lets you send alerts to each person’s devices in the order they prefer, and the system stops once the person acknowledges message receipt. Messages are sent through a wide range of communication channels, including SMS, email, landline, mobile, smartphone, BlackBerry, tablet, digital signage, pager and fax.
  • Advanced delivery parameters ensure that messages are delivered to the right people. Create alternates in case the first person contacted does not acknowledge receipt. Select dynamic teams based on roles. Send messages sequentially to a group and stop when someone responds with a specific response.
  • Establish two-way communication by sending multiple-choice polls. Let recipients deliver their response with the touch of a button, giving, you valuable feedback about their status.
  • Record the voice alert in your own voice or rely on text-to-speech. You can also setup the alert so that recipients can connect to a conference call or hotline with the press of a button.
  • GIS Mapping allows you to simply draw on a map to target the right people for an alert based on address. The mapping function also supports KML layers, so you can easily identify existing facilities.
  • Mobile messaging is available through the Notification Center Mobile app.  Team members can send messages and respond to alerts from any location using a tablet or smartphone. The app even works under adverse network conditions, such as low connectivity or no voice and SMS coverage.
  • Track delivery status and feedback with the real-time dashboard. System users can drill down to see the results for specific people or type of acknowledgment. Further alerts can be sent based on how people responded, such as a message to people who indicated that they need assistance.
  • Keep a detailed message audit log of all communications, responses and system activities. Notification data can be downloaded for analysis and review. The audit log is also invaluable as documentation for legal and compliance requirements.

Technical Features

Our emergency notification service is built on a rock-solid technical foundation with guaranteed availability and we select our communications partners based on the quality of their service.


  • Web-hosted Saas (Software as a Service)—available when your infrastructure isn’t
  • No extra hardware or software needed
  • Works with any web-capable device, including smartphones, Blackberrys and tablet computers
  • Tuned to work well even on low-speed connections
  • Guaranteed SLA (service-level agreement) for availability and alerting time
  • Agile product management process with several major, customer-focused updates yearly (all releases are backwards-compatible)
  • Customizable interface language


  • Voice to land-line, mobile, Blackberry, satellite and smart phones
  • Text to SMS message, email, pager and fax
  • Push notification to smartphones and tablets (works even when voice and SMS channels are not functioning)


  • Land-line and mobile phones
  • Desktop/laptop computers
  • Tablet computers
  • Email and SMS text devices


The Notification Center can be integrated with other systems such as HR databases, global directories, ERM systems, physical security systems, IT help desks, and any application that supports standard methods of data exchange.


  • Battle-tested during everyday operational use and widespread disasters
  • Top-tier telephony and SMS providers, maximizing global reach


  • Access only by authenticated users via encrypted passwords
  • Granular group and individual rights
  • 256-bit encryption of all web communications


  • Multiple high-speed communications and Internet backbone connections
  • Redundant web, application, database servers
  • Redundant communications centers
  • Geographically dispersed disaster recovery sites
  • Fail-over protection
  • Stringent physical security, including key, password and biometric security
  • UPS and generator power backup

MissionMode Notification Center was specifically designed to simplify and speed emergency notifications. Notification Center is easy to use and manage. yet includes advanced automation features not found in many emergency notification systems. Smart automation features help ensure successful message delivery and confirmation so that within minutes you can both send alerts and receive critical feedback from recipients.

Smart Automation Ensures Successful Crisis Notification Alerts

This crisis mass alert software is intelligent enough to adapt to changing situations. Using automation rules, it contacts alternates, selects teams based on roles, escalates alerts, sequentially contacts group members, and more-all based on your criteria.

Real-time Information for Decision-making

The dashboard confirms the real-time status of each notification. It automatically gives both an overview and detailed information so that you can interpret the results quickly and accurately. View acknowledgements, poll responses, and even voice messages. See the overall progress at a glance, drill down when you need more detail, and send follow-up alerts based on how people have responded.