Hurricane Matthew: MissionMode is Ready to Help NOW

As Hurricane Matthew travels up the Florida coastline, it is currently expected to hit parts of Georgia, South Carolina, and even North Carolina. The MissionMode team is thinking of everyone in those areas and hoping for the best possible outcome. In the meantime, we can help NOW!

If your organization is still using time-consuming phone trees or if you need help finding employees, the MissionMode team is standing by RIGHT NOW to help you make this process faster and more efficient.

Simply email us at We will need a spreadsheet that includes names, email addresses, and phone numbers of all employees that may be in the impact area. Depending on how fast we get this information, how organized the data is, and how many requests we get, we could push these notifications out in as little as 30 minutes*.

We will also provide you with a login so you can view the responses from your team. You’ll be able to quickly determine who has responded and is safe.

As business continuity planners, our entire team understands the importance of being able to communicate with your employees during times like this, and we want to help.

Your Friends at MissionMode

*By taking advantage of this complimentary, one-time service, your data will remain secure, MissionMode will NOT release your data to third-parties advertisers, sign you up for MissionMode services or advertising.