FCC changes to emergency notification system

FCC Proposes Changes to the Emergency Notification System

No matter your political party affiliation, if you were a recipient of a text message from the president, you’d most likely sit up and pay attention. That’s what the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) expects and why it has proposed a plan that would give the president the ability to communicate to the masses via phone and through other emergency notification systems in times of national crisis.

If the plan is approved, the first step would be to complete critical technical improvements to the nation’s Emergency Alert System, a system currently used most often to alert citizens about severe weather. Those technical improvements would allow the president or the Federal Emergency Management Agency to quickly dispense messages to the entire country at the same time. If the vision is going to become reality, the system also has to be expanded to accommodate wireless technology.

These enhancements are estimated to cost $7-13 million, but proponents say that expense is well worth it when weighing the impact to public safety. In the report, the FCC states the emergency notification system updates will help with “saving human lives, reducing injuries, mitigating property damage, and minimizing the disruption of the national economy.”

The plan also includes provisions for hearing-impaired citizens and options to opt-out for those who don’t want the president to have their number in speed dial. American citizens have 30 days to respond to the proposal as outlined on the FCC website. If approved, the plan could be implemented as early as next year.

How to Use This Information
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