Emergency Preparedness

Planning for Emergency Situations and Crisis

Business Emergency ManagementEmergency preparedness requires crisis planning in order to effectively manage a disaster and minimize disruption. A clearly defined disaster preparedness plan will help organizations minimize damage, downtime and the potential loss of life.  How prepared is your business for an emergency or natural disaster?

Emergency Planning Ins and Outs

Mission Mode is dedicated to the advancement of emergency preparedness and management of crisis using technology and people.  The first step toward being ready for an emergency is to identify and understand potential areas impacted. A Vulnerability Assessment will help determine potential areas of risk, including operational and communication weaknesses. Once vulnerabilities are identified, strategic planning will address and minimize disruption.

Within your organization, what emergency management systems are currently in place and what additional resources are required to successfully navigate a crisis?

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

With an increased public awareness of natural and manmade disasters, many individuals wonder what steps they should take to prepare for an emergency. Fortunately, much information is available online to help one plan for a crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide many resources for individuals to prepare for an emergency, including topics like planning, training and education and preparing emergency kits. Learn more at the CDC – Emergency Preparedness and You.


Emergency Preparation for Business Operations

Operations Emergency PreparednessMission Mode provides crisis management software and applications to help businesses prepare for and minimize disruption associated with emergencies. Business and operations managers have unique challenges when faced with unplanned disruption because when production is interrupted, profitability suffers. Mission Mode helps operations managers with the tools they need to easily communicate critical information to allow for quick resolution and continuity of business.

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