Emergency Notification System

Mission Mode’s emergency management system provides simple, effective emergency response and management of crisis, disasters and incidents impacting business and government. You require easy, an intuitive emergency response software system to effectively manage incidents and implement your business continuity plan.  After all, the sooner you can control an emergency situation, the faster your organization can return to normal operations and productivity.

Emergency Preparedness and Management

internal communicationHow prepared is your organization for an emergency, major disaster or incident? Currently, 60% of businesses do not have emergency management plans or software for emergency mass notification system in place.

An established business continuity plan is critically important to proactively prepare and manage any major disruption to business and government operations. An effective emergency management system and emergency management planning are the first steps in an effective continuity plan.  Equally important is the ability to implement the plan with the use of easy to understand emergency management software with the capacity for mass notification and coordination among key personnel and agencies.

While emergency planning and incident management does not avert or eliminate threats to an organization, it does focus on decreasing the negative impact and consequences resulting from a disaster.  A well defined emergency management plan coupled with the necessary tools provided Mission Mode will minimize the impact on operations, loss revenue and potential injury to personnel.

Emergency Management Software and Response System

Mission Mode’s emergency management system provide the means to coordinate mass notification and communication to key personnel and staff. Because difficult to understand emergency software and complicated systems hamper the ability to effectively manage a crisis situation, Mission Mode has developed intuitive, easy to use incident management software.

Mission Mode’s Situation Center Suite helps organization effectively manage crisis situations and return business to normal. These emergency management tools have been proven to boost business continuity and disaster recover success by standardizing the incident management process, improving visibility of tasks and boosting communication speed and accuracy.

Our Situation Center Suite of software and mobile applications acts as a virtual command center in times of crisis. Mission Mode can help coordinate communications and actions with the following solutions:


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