Mobile Device Terms of Service

How to Opt-out: To opt-out of SMS alerts (in the US only), text “STOP” to 28698 and your SMS device will be immediately disabled from receiving alerts. We will send you an SMS confirming that your SMS device has been removed, and you will not receive any additional alerts unless it is explicitly re-enabled by your organization administrator at your request.

How to get help or support: To get help, email us at, or call our toll free number at 877.833.7763 in the US, or +1 312.445.8811 outside the US.  From your mobile phone (US only), you can request our contact information at any time in the by texting HELP to 28698.

Fees: Our service never charges consumers to send or receive text messages. However, according to your individual mobile service plan, your wireless carrier’s standard text messaging rates, data plan rates, or other charges, will apply.

Supported Carriers: In the US, MissionMode supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel, Verizon Wireless, Virgin, Dobson/Cellular One, and US Cellular. Outside the US, MissionMode supports all wireless carriers globally using our UK-based longcodes, country-specific longcodes, or country-specific shortcodes.