Why Business Continuity Matters

It may seem obvious, but a lot of people and companies still have questions about business continuity and why it matters. Why isn’t it enough to simply have a plan in place in case of emergency? That is one part of business continuity, but it’s only one piece of a much larger puzzle that keeps organizations afloat and thriving even when disaster strikes. It may seem cumbersome, but when you look at the impact from a bird’s eye view, the need for a complete BC plan is extremely clear.

The Difference Business Continuity Makes

Having a comprehensive BC plan in place can save your business a staggering amount of time and money in the event of an actual crisis, but beyond that it also provides your entire organization with an actionable plan that can be used in many other cases of emergencies, too. Having a chain of communication laid out with very clear responsibilities, roles of succession, and tasks assigned to each individual is a useful skill that can be applied to even minor upheavals among departments or within the leadership team.

Business continuity focuses on prioritizing and making quick, practiced action that is proven to keep everyone on track even in the face of a potentially company-ending event due to an extreme disruption to the business.

What Happens Without a Plan

Though not always, it is not uncommon for unexpected crises to lead to closed doors for businesses that were not prepared. A skillfully created, frequently practiced and adjusted, and masterfully executed business continuity plan, then, can mean the difference between your business continuing to exist or being forced to shut down.

Even if you manage to navigate past closing down entirely, without a plan in the face of crisis, you could be looking at serious layoffs, mangled press communication, the complete loss of narrative control, or even worse – significant loss of revenue, all of which can be detrimental to a business. Because the stakes are so high, having a comprehensive BC plan is so important, and should be a top priority for businesses everywhere.

How to Use This Information

If you’re ready to create a BC plan or simply make sure yours is as all-encompassing as it needs to be, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help. We know what being a business continuity manager takes and we have created solutions specifically to help you manage the process easily and effectively without missing a beat.Contact us to schedule a demo today.

About MissionMode

MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system specifically designed to handle your needs from end to end. Our Situation Center Suite acts as a virtual command center in times of crisis, helping your organization stay on track through both emergencies or more routine operations by enabling your team to effectively communicate and project manage incidents from onset to resolution. The MissionMode Notification Center allows our clients to send two-way multimodal notifications to employees during times of crisis.

From incident management to mass notification to interactive field communications, mobile control, integrated weather planning and more, MissionMode’s team of seasoned and certified emergency managers and business continuity practitioners are dedicated to being an intuitive and easy to use partner in your incident management and mass communication needs.