Build a Reliable Defense Against Cyber Attacks

How your organization would respond if under attack from a physical assault or fire is obvious. Someone would dial 911 and emergency services would arrive quickly to assist. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said if your organization is the target of a cyber attack. Your best offense in this scenario is to create a resilient defense against cyber attacks. Let’s take a look at the top priorities any organization should adopt to build a reliable defense against cyber threats.

Evaluate Your Skills, Fill Gaps
It’s crucial to evaluate your security team’s core capabilities when it comes to shielding the organization from cyber threats. When gaps in expertise are uncovered, develop training, schedule mock exercises and partner with other entities who make it their business to shield yours from cyber attacks.

Take a cue from NATO’s cyber defense activities to collaborate across industries and even with competitors. When you are up against criminals who share info and don’t play by the law, organizations need to build upon the strength of others to mount a reliable defense. Share intelligence, learning and security successes so that your defenses are multiplied by the experiences of the group.

Focus Efforts to Protect What Matters Most
Although nothing is guaranteed to be foolproof, when you start with implementing model frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, your organization’s likelihood of defending itself from cyber attacks is vastly improved. It will also save you valuable time and resources because you aren’t creating a plan from scratch.

Practice the Plan with those Beyond IT and Security
The most expansive plan will still fail if it is developed and never executed in practice. Similarly, if the practice sessions only include the IT and security personnel, they will not be effective. Be sure all parties who would be impacted by a cyber incident are involved in practice sessions, so they will understand the procedures and have a chance to modify the plan based upon takeaways from the test exercises.

Our increasing dependence on technology makes it crucial for every organization to plan and practice its response to a cyber attack. When you require a partner to help develop plans and implement tools, please contact us online or give us a call at 877-833-7763 to discuss how we can be at your service.

What steps have you taken to secure your organization against a cyber attack?