A Closer Look at How Severe Weather Can Disrupt Your Business

It’s a common misconception many businesses have that sever weather incidents won’t drastically change the way they operate even if this unexpected severe weather occurs in their geographic area. However, according to FEMA, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, FEMA estimates 40% of all businesses are forced to close immediately after a disaster and another 25% of businesses will fail within one year. Knowing these sobering statistic begs us to take a closer look at exactly how severe weather may impact your business. Building Damage/Loss of Facilities The most...
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Why Your Organization Needs a Weather Preparedness Checklist

Across the globe, severe weather is a fact of life. The type of weather condition and its severity may vary from location to location, but it’s unavoidable and your organization will likely be impacted by it at some degree at least once. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, tropical storms, and much more have the potential to severely impact your business’ operations if you aren’t properly prepared. DEFINING WEATHER RESILIENCY Resiliency isn’t just about preparing your business continuity plan and checklist and having it in the hands of the managers and...
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Media Policies and Procedures for Business Continuity Managers

When a crisis hits or your business is disrupted due to any unexpected event, the media will come a-knockin’. That’s why it’s so important to have a detailed, quality business continuity plan in place and to understand the role that the media play in the public’s perception of not only the crisis itself but how your organization handles it. WHY THE MEDIA? Making the media your ally is important in the immediate aftermath of a crisis or business disruption. The sooner you can respond with an official statement, the better off you’ll...
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How to Prevent Cyber-Crime in Your Organization in the Wake of Another Ransomware Attack

Let’s face it, cyber-crime is a very real threat globally in today’s working world. From small businesses to large corporations, the risk is real and the impact can be great. Look no further than the latest WannaCry attack that has impacted more than 230,000 victims in over 150 countries since it began. The malware locked up the files in organizations as sensitive as hospitals and has shone a blindingly bright spotlight on the vulnerability in our digital security systems. So the question moves from “well what if?” to “how do...
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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 Addresses Cyber Security

Business Continuity Awareness Week

In light of the very recent WannaCry ransomware cyber attack that has impacted more than 230,000 victims in over 150 countries since it began last week, it is more important now than ever to be thinking about your organization’s business resiliency, specifically your business continuity plan and IT disaster recovery plan. Should your organization experience any type of business disruption—such as a cyberattack—the best defense is having not only a plan, but also a crisis communications platform that will aid in the management of such an event. Business Continuity Awareness...
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Testing Your Business Continuity Plan

readiness best practice - workshop

If the employees in your organization are spending the time, energy, and resources to develop your business continuity plan, your organization must be ready for any disruption, right? Possibly, but making this assumption isn’t going to help anyone during an emergency if the plan is not spot on! If you document your plan, but don’t share it with your team or train on it, it’s like not having a plan at all. RUNNING DRILLS & EXERCISES Even more critical to your business continuity program’s success is to run your BC...
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Build a Business Continuity Team with Decision Authority

Although most organizations have contemplated – to some degree – the what and how of business continuity plans, including discussions about the stability of the IT system and what to do if the company’s facilities or IT infrastructure are compromised, the who is often overlooked. Assigning business continuity roles and responsibilities to each of your team members and documenting that information in your plan will ensure that all the details are handled in a timely and consistent manner. If your organization has no business continuity plan in place, it’s fine...
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Hurricane Matthew: MissionMode is Ready to Help NOW

As Hurricane Matthew travels up the Florida coastline, it is currently expected to hit parts of Georgia, South Carolina, and even North Carolina. The MissionMode team is thinking of everyone in those areas and hoping for the best possible outcome. In the meantime, we can help NOW! If your organization is still using time-consuming phone trees or if you need help finding employees, the MissionMode team is standing by RIGHT NOW to help you make this process faster and more efficient. Simply email us at support@missionmode.com. We will need a...
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Using Social Media in Business Continuity

crisis communications

Social media can be a powerful tool in a business continuity management program arsenal, however, according to a PwC survey of business continuity managers, 57% of respondents are not systematically leveraging social media in their programs, and only 8% believe that social media has helped their organization better identify and respond to crisis events. Social Media for Business Continuity Management There are many ways business continuity managers can leverage social media in a crisis, but to be effective requires forethought and training. A 2014 survey on Social Media in the Workplace revealed that...
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Emergency Field Communications

crisis field communications

When emergencies arise, one of the most difficult aspects of crisis management is accessing the most accurate and timely information available to drive effective response planning and decision making. Whether the incident is happening across campus or across the globe, it’s unlikely that all of the people needed to determine next steps are on-site with a first-hand view of the situation. Real-time, interactive emergency field communications are a key success driver. Emergency Field Communications: Challenges MissionMode supports hundreds of organizations across a wide variety of industries many of which encounter frequent field-based situations that...
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