What Exactly is an Emergency Notification System?

what an emergency notification is

We talk a lot about what an emergency notification system (ENS) can do for a business or organization around here, and why it’s such a necessary and critical system that all organizations need to have in place, often alongside a full incident management system (IMS). Today we want to take a brief step back and break it down to the simple basics – what IS an ENS? It may sound pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a lot that goes finding the right ENS. Not sure what we mean? Here is a...
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Getting the Best ROI on Your Incident Management System

return on investment for incident management systems

Today’s business climate and 24-hour news cycle requires that you be ready for anything that might come your way – including disasters and business disruptions. While the necessity of a business continuity plan is certainly part of that, a key tool within that plan is often the Incident Management System (IMS) on which your business relies on. This IMS will help to streamline the management of that incident and provide a virtual platform for sharing of information. While a robust IMS solution, designed specifically to suit your company’s needs is...
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How to Ensure Your Employees Are Ready for Natural Disaster at Home, Too

hurricane season home preparation

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is officially underway. This year the season kicked off a bit earlier than usual with Tropical Storm Alberto making landfall in late May. It is now time to double-check that not only is your Business Continuity (BC) Team prepared and ready to be activated in the event of a disaster impacting your organization, but how prepared are your other employees and their families to deal with such an impact? At MissionMode, we talk a lot about business continuity planning and how to prepare for disasters...
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How You Can Avoid Hawaii’s Missile Alert Mishap

Some time has passed since the Hawaii missile alert crisis, and though the discussion following the aftermath has settled, there is still a lot to learn from the incident. The scale of the event and fallout set a new precedent for incident management systems and emergency notification systems, and our team at MissionMode thought we’d take a closer look. About MissionMode MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system specifically designed to handle your needs from end to end....
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Why You Need to Know Your Readiness Score

Having the right system in place to help you with business continuity in the face of emergencies and disasters means little if you can’t employ it correctly and have the necessary support to do so effectively across a wide ray of potential situations. That’s why we created our Readiness Score Survey and based it on our Customer Readiness Commitment, so you have not only the most effective system for your needs but also the tools and support needed to employ it for maximum readiness. Understanding your organization’s readiness score now...
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How Incident Management Systems Enhance Your Business Operations

Understanding the true return on investment of purchasing an effective and all-encompassing incident management system (IMS) for your organization can at times be challenging, especially if you are the one requesting budgetary dollars from management to fund this project and they do not understand the value. Kudos to you for pushing this project across the line, spearheading the initiative for your organization, and educating the management team of the significant benefits that such as system can offer the company. As we all know, there is much to be said for...
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How Your Post-Crisis Analysis Makes or Breaks Your BC Plan

Being prepared for a crisis may help to mitigate the damaging effects, but it can’t always stop a crisis from actually occurring. Like it or not, some events are just out of our control. But, if a disaster does strike, the opportunity exists to learn from the experience and determine where your BC process is currently excelling and where it might need to be tweaked or adjusted a bit. The first communication priority for crisis or BC managers following a business disruption is to follow-up on communication promises made during...
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Cybersecurity Best Practices You Should Implement Now

In today’s increasingly digital world, especially in business, the importance of cybersecurity has never been more clear. And though it’s easy to think you’re protected against hackers and digital attacks, there’s much more to the cybersecurity puzzle than first meets the eye. Some things, like anti-malware software and hard-to-hack passwords are simple enough to remember, but when you are looking to update your organization’s best practices, consider the following things that every business should have in place. Plan for Mobile Mobile is far beyond “trend” status. It’s an integrated part...
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10 Steps to Effective IT Disaster Recovery

Cyber crime steps

Organizations of all sizes are being targeted by cyber-criminals. A cyber breach is almost inevitable and you need to be truly prepared to respond. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, the authors found that many plans are developed in silos and too many plans sit on a shelf collecting dust. They lay out 10 principles to guide companies in creating and implementing a cyber-incident response plan. View MissionMode IT Disaster Recovery. 1. Assign an executive to take on responsibility for the plan. Executive support for the plan is critical....
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Social Media in a Crisis Situation

Social media is a powerful tool, for better or worse, when it comes to business communication in today’s world, and that is doubly true when a crisis strikes. Incorporating social media into your business continuity plan creates a system for you to be where your constituents are and have protocol in place for how those communications should be handled so you are in charge of the message from top to bottom in crisis response mode. Here are just a few things social media can do for your organization as it...
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