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How to Execute Disaster Preparedness for Your Organization

In light of the recent natural disasters that have caused destruction for so many across the globe – impacting individuals and families, homes, businesses and communities, we wanted to take the time to talk about why disaster preparedness is so important and how to execute it effectively for your organization. Learn more about our Emergency Disaster App Disasters don’t plan ahead – but you can! Disasters don’t plan ahead. They rarely give warning, and when they hit, they hit hard. So even though you are sometimes left with no warning...
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Why Business Continuity Matters

It may seem obvious, but a lot of people and companies still have questions about business continuity and why it matters. Why isn’t it enough to simply have a plan in place in case of emergency? That is one part of business continuity, but it’s only one piece of a much larger puzzle that keeps organizations afloat and thriving even when disaster strikes. It may seem cumbersome, but when you look at the impact from a bird’s eye view, the need for a complete BC plan is extremely clear. The...
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The Importance of Regular Drills and Practices for BC Managers

Having a business continuity management plan in place is all well and good, and an important part of preparing for any potential disruption in business, but if the plan sits on a shelf collecting dust, what good is it really doing? For a BC plan to truly thrive, it needs to be practiced, regularly. Why Exercise Organizations that perform well-planned exercises get better results when faced with the real event. It makes sense, but often companies fail to move forward with exercising plan implementation. When you regularly run tabletop, functional...
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A Closer Look at How Severe Weather Can Disrupt Your Business

It’s a common misconception many businesses have that sever weather incidents won’t drastically change the way they operate even if this unexpected severe weather occurs in their geographic area. However, according to FEMA, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, FEMA estimates 40% of all businesses are forced to close immediately after a disaster and another 25% of businesses will fail within one year. Knowing these sobering statistic begs us to take a closer look at exactly how severe weather may impact your business. Building Damage/Loss of Facilities The most...
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Why Your Organization Needs a Weather Preparedness Checklist

Across the globe, severe weather is a fact of life. The type of weather condition and its severity may vary from location to location, but it’s unavoidable and your organization will likely be impacted by it at some degree at least once. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, tropical storms, and much more have the potential to severely impact your business’ operations if you aren’t properly prepared. DEFINING WEATHER RESILIENCY Resiliency isn’t just about preparing your business continuity plan and checklist and having it in the hands of the managers and...
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Media Policies and Procedures for Business Continuity Managers

When a crisis hits or your business is disrupted due to any unexpected event, the media will come a-knockin’. That’s why it’s so important to have a detailed, quality business continuity plan in place and to understand the role that the media play in the public’s perception of not only the crisis itself but how your organization handles it. WHY THE MEDIA? Making the media your ally is important in the immediate aftermath of a crisis or business disruption. The sooner you can respond with an official statement, the better off you’ll...
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How to Prevent Cyber-Crime in Your Organization in the Wake of Another Ransomware Attack

Let’s face it, cyber-crime is a very real threat globally in today’s working world. From small businesses to large corporations, the risk is real and the impact can be great. Look no further than the latest WannaCry attack that has impacted more than 230,000 victims in over 150 countries since it began. The malware locked up the files in organizations as sensitive as hospitals and has shone a blindingly bright spotlight on the vulnerability in our digital security systems. So the question moves from “well what if?” to “how do...
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Don’t Miss MissionMode at DRJ Spring World

DRJ Spring World 2016 Orlando | MissionMode

This year’s Disaster Recovery Journal Spring World event is nearly here, don’t miss MissionMode at this year’s show. Event:      DRJ Spring World 2016 Location:  Orlando, FL Date:        March 13-16, 2016   This year’s theme Innovation to Ensure Resiliency is perfect for the largest assembly of business continuity professionals in the industry. This is your opportunity to learn about the latest tools and best practices for BC/DR success. Make the most out of your time at DRJ Spring World. Do Some Pre-Reading Download MissionMode’s latest whitepaper,...
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Boost Your BCM Program Maturity: Arm Your Team with the Right Tools

Incident Management Webinar - MissionMode

Disaster Recovery Journal Monthly Webinar Series Event Sponsored by MissionMode Wednesday August 26, 2015 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET There is a strong correlation between organizations that invest in tools to simplify business continuity management and those reporting BCM program success and maturity. Despite the proven effectiveness of incident management tools in improving crisis management success and the relative affordability of these solutions, only about 25-30% of organizations have armed their business continuity teams with incident management technology. In their 2014 Hype Cycle Report, Gartner rated Crisis/Incident Management Software as...
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Virgin Galactic Trusts MissionMode for Incident Management

Virgin Galactic incident management - MissionMode

Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline, is working to make space travel an affordable reality. Founder, Sir Richard Branson, sums up the company’s mission as follows: “It’s our destiny to reach out beyond our world and into the universe and to gaze back and appreciate what we have here on Earth.” Building a spaceline from the ground up takes serious preparation and exacting safety procedures. When it came time for the company to select a partner for incident management and emergency notification, few providers could meet their strict requirements....
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