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The Anatomy of an Emergency Notification

the anatomy of an emergency notification

Creating emergency notifications can be an intimidating thing for a team to take on. Crafting the messages that will be sent to key stakeholders and mass audiences in the event of a crisis or business disruption (rightfully so) holds a lot of weight. But it doesn’t have to be the kind of thing that freezes you in your tracks. If your BC plan is stalling here, let us help you out. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into the making of a high quality, effective emergency notification, and...
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Flooding in Austin – Unexpected Implementations of Your BC Plan

We talk a lot about preparing for the unexpected around here, and about making sure your business continuity plans can account for anything that might come your way as an organization. But it’s equally important, we believe, to stop and reflect on when things go wrong, or awry, or when something could have potentially been handled better. It’s why we created a resource digging into the emergency notification mishap in Hawaii, and it’s why we pay close attention to the BC world to ensure we’re able to help our clients...
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Why Third Party Integrations Matter in Your IMS

Incident Management Systems have come a long way since their inception, but even with the advancements in technology, it’s not always easy to find a system that suits your needs by allowing for important, sometimes even critical, customization via API and third-party integration. Believe it or not, many systems don’t allow this sort of integration, making your BC plan for specific scenarios harder to achieve when multiple systems must be accessed. Experience Matters Some of what comes into play when it comes to integrating third-party apps and functionality with your...
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How to Optimize Your Business’ Emergency Response

Looking toward 2019 and finalizing your organization’s fiscal plans is a top priority on so many lists right now, but alongside that, you should consider ways in which you can optimize your organization in other ways as well. In the emergency response department, it’s a good time to take a critical look at the systems, tools, and processes you currently have in place and determine if they could be better optimized, from a cost and effectiveness standpoint. What do you need your emergency response strategies and tools to do for...
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Disasters Happen – Are You Ready for National Preparedness Month?

September is National Preparedness Month and this year’s theme of “Disasters Happen” is especially apt within our industry. At MissionMode, we help businesses and organizations prepare for disasters every day, and the overarching thing we like to make sure people understand is exactly that – disasters happen – and when they do, they don’t care whether or not you were properly prepared for it. They just happen. So, in honor of the national push to make sure individuals are prepared, we want to take it a step further and help...
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5 Things to Look for in an Emergency Notification App

The utilization of emergency management apps is a crucial part of effective crisis communication. With the unpredictable nature of business disruptions, it’s important to have communication tools at your disposal that are flexible, adaptable, and user-friendly. That’s why incident management and emergency notification apps are on the rise. With the vendor space becoming more crowded, it can be difficult at times to decipher the good application from the not-so-great solution. When you’re looking for an emergency notification app to meet your needs, these are the key features that ought to...
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What Exactly is an Emergency Notification System?

what an emergency notification is

We talk a lot about what an emergency notification system (ENS) can do for a business or organization around here, and why it’s such a necessary and critical system that all organizations need to have in place, often alongside a full incident management system (IMS). Today we want to take a brief step back and break it down to the simple basics – what IS an ENS? It may sound pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a lot that goes finding the right ENS. Not sure what we mean? Here is a...
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Getting the Best ROI on Your Incident Management System

return on investment for incident management systems

Today’s business climate and 24-hour news cycle requires that you be ready for anything that might come your way – including disasters and business disruptions. While the necessity of a business continuity plan is certainly part of that, a key tool within that plan is often the Incident Management System (IMS) on which your business relies on. This IMS will help to streamline the management of that incident and provide a virtual platform for sharing of information. While a robust IMS solution, designed specifically to suit your company’s needs is...
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How to Ensure Your Employees Are Ready for Natural Disaster at Home, Too

hurricane season home preparation

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is officially underway. This year the season kicked off a bit earlier than usual with Tropical Storm Alberto making landfall in late May. It is now time to double-check that not only is your Business Continuity (BC) Team prepared and ready to be activated in the event of a disaster impacting your organization, but how prepared are your other employees and their families to deal with such an impact? At MissionMode, we talk a lot about business continuity planning and how to prepare for disasters...
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How You Can Avoid Hawaii’s Missile Alert Mishap

Some time has passed since the Hawaii missile alert crisis, and though the discussion following the aftermath has settled, there is still a lot to learn from the incident. The scale of the event and fallout set a new precedent for incident management systems and emergency notification systems, and our team at MissionMode thought we’d take a closer look. About MissionMode MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system specifically designed to handle your needs from end to end....
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