Mass Notification Management

When an unplanned business disruption occurs, communication is critical. Whether you need to locate employees to confirm their safety, notify customers of a product recall, or inform staff and suppliers about a location shut-down, time is of the essence. Individual communications platforms such as phone or email have inherent problems for an effective emergency mass notification system.

Preparing Your Business for a Potential Terrorist Attack

Preparing your business for a potential terrorist attack - MissionMode

How would you notify your employees if a terrorist attack occurred near you? The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, recently claimed responsibility for openly shooting at an event in Garland, Texas hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). The AFDI, a known anti-Muslim hate group, planned for participants to draw cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad. This highly offensive act triggered shooters Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi to plan an attack at the event. Simpson and Soofi’s plot was thankfully foiled before they managed...
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Push Notifications for Web Browsers to Reach People Where They Pay Attention

push notifications - MissionMode Emergency Alert System

Now that app-style notifications are generally accepted by smart-phone users, it’s just a matter of time until we will see similar implementation of push notifications by other industries. In 2015, most leading web browsers will be able to support this technology. This allows websites to ask visitors to opt in to receive notifications even if the site is not open in the browser at the time. Similar to our Desktop Alert system, push notification technology reaches people where they are more apt to pay attention. Expansion of Push Notifications Mobile...
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Mass Notification Systems Critical in the Incident Management Lifecycle

mass notification systems - 9/11/01

Robert Edson, Global Vice President Sales and Marketing for MissionMode, was recently interviewed by Continuity Insights on the importance of mass notification systems in the incident management lifecycle.  According to Mr. Edson, there’s building acceptance of mass notification systems as a must-have component for any businesses’ incident management strategy. A welcome side effect that companies with these systems are seeing is an improvement in communication and cooperation across all levels of the organization as well as gains in efficiency. Mass Notification Systems – Crucial in the Incident Management Lifecycle After...
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Emergency Notification Case Study: Argo Group

Emergency Notification Case Study: Argo Group

As is the case with many businesses around the world, the Argo Group was motivated to enhance its mass notification system after facing an incident that impacted day-to-day operations. After Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012, the Argo Group, an international specialty underwriter based in Bermuda, realized in the event of an emergency they needed a better system to communicate with the firm’s more than 1,300 employees who reside in 10 countries. Eye-Opening Storm When Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States, the Argo Group needed to account for...
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FCC Proposes Changes to the Emergency Notification System

FCC changes to emergency notification system

No matter your political party affiliation, if you were a recipient of a text message from the president, you’d most likely sit up and pay attention. That’s what the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) expects and why it has proposed a plan that would give the president the ability to communicate to the masses via phone and through other emergency notification systems in times of national crisis. If the plan is approved, the first step would be to complete critical technical improvements to the nation’s Emergency Alert System, a system currently used...
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Emergency Notification Systems: Not Just for Emergencies

Non-urgent notification

In our over-connected world, there are still plenty of people who say, “I knew nothing about that.” That’s why it is so enticing to use a mass notification system to reach a mass audience with messages that fall in the “important”, but not necessarily “urgent” category. When officials decide to send out a non-emergency notification on a system that was designed and marketed for emergency communications only, it can spark debate regarding the proper use of the technology.  A recent case in Adams County, CO where the Sheriff’s Department used their...
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Emergency Notification System: Required on all University Campuses

As parents get ready to send their students back to school this fall, the fact that colleges and universities are required by a federal law to have an emergency notification system in place may enhance their peace of mind. Effective communication is absolutely vital in an emergency situation, and mere minutes can mean the difference between a minor incident and a horrific tragedy. It’s reassuring to know that the technology available in top mass notification systems enables universities to communicate with thousands of students, faculty and staff in just minutes....
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12 Emergency Notification System Best Practices

12 best practices ENS

For several years, Campus Safety magazine has been compiling a list of best practices recommended by campus protection professionals, emergency notification system manufacturers and other subject matter experts. Below are the 12 best practices that apply to the corporate world. While these best practices are numbered, the creation of an effective mass notification program is not a linear process. These recommendations should be considered as a whole when adopting new systems, revising emergency notification plans and updating policies and procedures. 1. Conduct a risk analysis for your overall emergency plan...
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Mass Notification Management: 6 Ways to Get Your Emergency Alerts Noticed

6 Ways to get noticed

How do we get people to realize a situation is urgent? Many of us experience information overload—phone calls, texts, email and social media. It’s a challenge to get your alert noticed, let alone to convey a sense of urgency. A research team at the University of Texas at Austin examined how to best reach people during emergencies. They studied the notification problems and mix of technologies that will help people realize that a situation is urgent. A recent article in Campus Safety Magazine presented the results of the study, which...
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Infographic: Using Social Media as an Emergency Notification Tool

Social media crisis tool

To reach the broadest audience possible during a PR crisis, corporations and other organizations are turning to social media. This infographic shows some of the ways in which organizations have benefited from using social media through emergency notification. According to the infographic, social media management helps: evaluate conversations about the brand assess the level of threat and prioritize it determine how to respond Click the image to view it full-screen. Image source:   MissionMode’s smarter mass notification and incident management applications enable organizations to take control of crises, and reduce the...
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