Effective Incident Management

How ready are you for your next unplanned business disruption? A flood that forces temporary personnel displacement? A shooter intent on harming your employees, customers or students? A data breach affecting both you and your customers? During a time of crisis, an effective incident management system is critical.

Crisis Leadership: Avoiding Communication Breakdown

crisis communication leadership

  No organization is immune from disruptions. When they occur, there are usually financial and reputation risks, no matter if the organization is a multinational corporation or small business. Effective communications is one of the keys to crisis leadership. Communication Challenges A simple power outage can cripple operations. A computer virus can cause serious damage to systems and data. A key employee being in poor health could result in critical information not being available. Economic downturn or employee strikes can shut down production. Weather threats can affect operations in a...
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Preparedness: The Secret to Crisis Management

crisis management preparedness

In a crisis situation, people who are not trained tend to panic, which makes an already chaotic situation worse. It’s important to have a prepared crisis management team and procedures in place before an incident occurs. Some of the keys to proper crisis management: Calm, compassionate leadership Clear direction Precise, quick, and honest communication Immediate action when necessary Well-defined and thoroughly practiced plans Proper crisis planning will free you from the confusion and chaos that so often accompanies breaking crises, enabling you to work on the critical issues at hand....
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