Effective Incident Management

How ready are you for your next unplanned business disruption? A flood that forces temporary personnel displacement? A shooter intent on harming your employees, customers or students? A data breach affecting both you and your customers? During a time of crisis, an effective incident management system is critical.

Rebuilding The World Trade Center Through Crisis Leadership And Collaboration, Part 1

Fireman rubble 1

Image credit: United States Navy A special two-part article about tragedy, hope and renewal. The attacks of September 11th left families, businesses, and public agencies in ruin. The Port Authority was responsible for rebuilding downtown Manhattan and the 9/11 memorial. Sound daunting? How was such an incredible feat accomplished with inadequate funding during a tough time?  Learn about MissionMode crisis leadership and incident management. Part one deals with memories of the 9/11 tragedy and the challenges faced by the city of New York. In part two, you will experience the...
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Democrat’s Turn for Convention Crisis Management

democratic convention crisis management

Crisis Prevention in Charlotte Democrats won’t have to worry about a hurricane disrupting their 2012 convention, which kicked off today. But it doesn’t take bad weather to create a storm of troubles at an event like this. The Charlotte, NC police department will be on the front line of defense for this convention. One crisis management and prevention move they’ve made is to make it clear to potential troublemakers that no expense has been spared on defense preparations. As early as last month, the department was eagerly discussing expansion of...
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Hurricane Isaac Crisis Management

Massive Storm Floods Gulf As Hurricane Isaac approached the Gulf Coast of the US earlier this week, we were reminded of Hurricane Katrina. Isaac hit on the seventh anniversary of Katrina, and took nearly the same course as that hurricane. Fears of a Katrina-level event were high when Isaac made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane. Fortunately, the storm was downgraded to a tropical depression and damage was less than anticipated. But, while it didn’t rip buildings from their foundations, the impact of the incredible volume of rain is being...
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GOP Convention Needs Crisis Management as Storm Looms

The Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida is directly in the path of a storm. We’re not talking about the figurative storm created by recent coarse comments from members of Congress, but tropical storm Isaac, which is expected to reach hurricane strength before the Monday start of the convention. On Saturday, the first day of activities on Monday were cancelled because of Isaac. This, of course, presents a host of new potential crisis management issues, from canceled flights to flooding and loss of power, not to mention the possibility for...
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Crisis Management: Making Crises Mundane?

crises mundane

Crisis situations frequently cause us to call upon employees to exhibit skills and surmount problems far beyond the normal scope of their job descriptions. How, then, can we suggest you make what can be an insanely stressful and difficult event mundane? It’s simple—practice. For example, an oil company operating offshore is likely to have more incidents than an onshore company. However, offshore operations equip organizations more effectively precisely because issues do happen more frequently. When something goes wrong, people have probably “been there, done that.” The goal is to prevent you...
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5 Secrets to Selling Your Crisis Management Plan

selling crisis management plan

    A 2011 Burston-Marsteller study found that 59% of business leaders have experienced a crisis at their current or previous companies, 32% of those crises led to a drop in revenue, and 24% led to cutbacks or layoffs. You probably have a Business Continuity or crisis management plan. It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on, though, if the people who put it into action don’t fully support it. How do you sell people on the importance of following the plan? Here are 5 secrets for getting everyone’s support,...
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6 Focus Areas for Crisis Leadership and Communication

crisis communication

  When it comes to crisis leadership and communication, it’s critical to go in with a plan. Not only does it significantly reduce the possibility of a costly mistake, but your messaging will also be infinitely more effective. Peter Sandman is a recognized crisis communications expert who works with government and private sector clients to improve risk communications. His candor is refreshing as he challenges corporate communicators to radically change their fierce protective stance during crisis. To aid in his cause, he has identified six key crisis communications focal points:...
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Crisis Management Lessons from India’s Historic Blackouts

India power outage

  On July 31, India suffered the worst blackout in history; more than 600 million people were without power. That’s roughly equal to the combined populations of the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia! The day before, a blackout affected 300 million. While the blackouts came as a shock to outsiders, it was no surprise to those in India. What happened? The country’s power infrastructure is a “potentially crippling hindrance to the country’s economic prospects”, according to the New York Times. Demand far outpaces supply. Even on normal days, service...
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Supply Chain Crisis Management Part 1

supply chain crisis management

  Part 1 of a 2-part series What does supply chain crisis management have to do with global trade? Everything. It affects your organization, whether you realize it or not; understanding it can give you a competitive advantage. Global trade is, at its core, an exercise in the basics of supply chain management. From the treaties that enable (or sometimes embattle) global trade, to the most basic concerns of an individual organization, the supply chain is at the core of each issue. While it takes many forms and can mean vastly...
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5 Crisis Management and Logistics Lessons from the Summer Games

summer games crisis management

  Special report from London The Olympic Games have been on the minds of many organizations world-wide, and not just those located in London. What happens during the Games can affect the global supply chain, financial markets, transportation, and much more. I call this the “Olympics effect”—the potential logistical and crisis management impact of the Games. Just 10 days before the opening ceremony, the private-sector contractor responsible for security personnel revealed that they would not be able to provide adequate security staff. The situation was “a humiliating shambles“, in the...
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