Effective Incident Management

How ready are you for your next unplanned business disruption? A flood that forces temporary personnel displacement? A shooter intent on harming your employees, customers or students? A data breach affecting both you and your customers? During a time of crisis, an effective incident management system is critical.

IMS Best Practices: Adoption & Return

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As business continuity planning and Incident Management Systems (IMS) continue to gain traction worldwide, it is important to use the information from the enterprise software industry to maximize your organization’s ROI and ensure your IMS rollout is smooth, deliberate and successful. If you are about to launch a new IMS for your organization, the following IMS best practices could make all the difference to your bottom line. Tip #1: Clearly Define Project Objectives Write down what events you plan to target, how you plan to use the new IMS application,...
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Successfully Implement an Incident Management System (IMS)

These days, enterprise software implementation statistics are low. If a program does not have a passionate leader to champion the project and sell it to others, the chances of success start to decline. Forrester, an independent global technology and market research company, reports almost half of CRM rollouts fail—a dismal 49%. In addition, less than 12% of companies ever reach 75% adoption by target users—which means less than three-quarters of employees are actually using the software. Even in light of these murky statistics, at MissionMode, we know it is possible...
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Incident Management: Being Ready for Anything

We have said it before, sometimes incidents are not the result of weather, cyberattacks or other things that can disrupt delivery. They are often unforeseen things such as media scandals. And, in some cases, they can be scandals at another company that impact your industry as a whole. Take the recent Volkswagen scandal where they admitted to creating software on their diesel-powered 4-cylinder cars that would trick emissions tests to allow their vehicles to pass. VW has long been an advocate of diesel vehicles and was among the leaders in...
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Risk Management Advice for Boards

If you sit on a board for a company, there are critical things you should know about the company’s business continuity plan. Although there’s virtually no management team that relishes time or resources spent on these plans, the investment is worth it when an unplanned incident occurs. Having a road map in place for your BC team to follow results in quicker recovery and a reduction in losses. As a board member, it’s your responsibility to take these plans seriously. Risk Management Advice for Boards before an Event Define your...
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Supply Chain Business Continuity Plans

Containers in harbour

Expect the unexpected: It’s a mantra that should be adopted by every supply chain manager. Since globalization has altered the cycle of manufacturing and the majority of time the raw materials/supplies, manufacturing facility and customer all reside thousands of miles away from each other, our supply chains are extremely vulnerable to manmade and natural incidents that can halt normal business operations. The continuity of your business is dependent on your ability to keep supply chains open, manufacturing running and clients supplied. The best way to do this is to include...
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Can Your Organization Survive a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes and earthquakes caused death and destruction across the globe in the past week from Mexico to Pakistan. This should serve as yet another reminder of the importance of readying your organization to survive a natural disaster. Every organization needs to be in a position to: Fulfill their duty of care responsibilities towards employees Manage internal and external communications Activate response plans to enable the fastest possible resumption of normal operations Manage supply chain disruptions…and more One in four organizations impacted by a natural disaster never reopens their doors.  View...
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Hurricane Patricia and Severe Weather Planning

severe weather planning | MissionMode

Monumental damage was averted this week as Hurricane Patricia narrowly missed the urban centers of Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Guadalajara and then downgraded when she reached the coastal mountains near Cuixmala in Jalisco state of southwest Mexico. Strongest Pacific Hurricane on Record With off-shore winds recorded at over 200 miles per hour, Patricia was recorded averaging 165 MPH when she hit land at 6:15 on the evening of 10/23.  The most powerful Pacific hurricane on record, Patricia, luckily resulted in considerably less damage than predicted and no loss of life. Successful...
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Hajj Stampede: Serious Disaster Prevention Failure

Hajj Stampede | MissionMode

Tragically, 700 pilgrims were trampled to death this week during the Hajj, an annual Islamic journey to Mecca which Muslims are urged to carry out at least once in their lifetime. The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is considered the largest annual gathering of people in the world. The event has frequently resulted in loss of life due to poor disaster prevention planning and public safety measures. A History of Violence During the month of the Hajj, Mecca, a city of 1.3 million, must accommodate...
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Strong 2015 El Niño Predicted for Fall: Be Prepared

Strong 2015 El Nino Predicted - Mission Mode

One of the most unnerving elements in business is predicting what to anticipate for your company in the future. Most businesses worry about economic problems, but what about possible weather disasters? According to The Washington Post, the United States could be in for a strong El Niño in the fall. An El Niño can impact the world’s climate, but it starts with rising temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that lead to temporary changes in the atmosphere. The computer models predict that it could be even larger than the record-holding El...
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Lessons Learned from Blue Bell’s Ice Cream Recall

Blue Bell Ice Cream

The moment news broke about the recent listeria outbreak that caused Blue Bell to voluntarily recall all of its products from store shelves, the public’s natural need was for information about the situation—who was in charge, what was being done and the severity of the threat. The company’s comprehensive and proactive action in the face of the biggest crisis of its 108-year history is a model for how to manage crisis communications. Let’s take a look at some of the crisis communication tactics practiced by Blue Bell to find ways...
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