Benefits of a Two-Way Notification System

The need for communication after business disruption occurs has become abundantly clear in recent years, and when time is of the essence, all organizations need the capability to communicate with many people simultaneously no matter where they are. Since 9/11 there has been a surge of interest in adopting mass notification systems and today it is a must-have component of any business’ incident management strategy.

Of course, when you have a powerful communication tool like that in place, there’s no point in letting it lay dormant, waiting for an emergency situation to test it out. Many organizations that have these systems in place deploy them for regular operations and see and ongoing surge in communication, employee buy-in and adoption, cooperation, and efficiency throughout their business operations.

Why two-way Notification

The most versatile two-way notification systems allow message recipients the ability to respond with a simple note to acknowledge the message receipt, availability, safety, and more. An efficient two-way notification system will allow you to reach thousands simultaneously and via multiple modalities with just the push of a button.

Part of a Larger Whole

As a part of your larger business continuity plan, there are a number of ways that a mass-notification system allows you to save your company money, including using dramatically less resources to communicate and getting your team back to work sooner. Beyond just the dollar amount behind it, it ensures that all recipients receive the same message and are on the same page, keeping the integrity of your message intact, unlike the distortion that is possible when using phone trees.

Let’s face it, you want advanced technology and smart automation in your communications tool without sacrificing reliability and ease of use. All of those things are crucial when business disruption occurs, and systems that allow users to create situation-specific templates make it simple to deploy a message quickly the instant it is needed. A mass, two-way multi-modal notification system allows you to create the best message for each communication channel and scenario, every time, making sure your entire company is informed in the best way possible with up-to-the-minute information.

If your business continuity plan is missing a mass notification piece you can count on, we should talk. Download our complete whitepaper on the 8 Essential Tools for Business Continuity Managers and schedule a demo today to see what MissionMode can do to keep your business together no matter what you’re up against.

About MissionMode

MissionMode is the trusted leader in providing organizations with an effective and reliable emergency notification and incident management system specifically designed to handle your needs from end to end. Our Situation Center Suite acts as a virtual command center in times of crisis, helping your organization stay on track through both emergencies or more routine operations by enabling your team to effectively communicate and project manage incidents from onset to resolution. The MissionMode Notification Center allows our clients to send two-way multimodal notifications to employees during times of crisis.

From incident management to mass notification to interactive field communications, mobile control, integrated weather planning and more, MissionMode’s team of seasoned and certified emergency managers and business continuity practitioners are dedicated to being an intuitive and easy to use partner in your incident management and mass communication needs.