Our partners are an important part of our solutions

When clients have unique requirements or need turnkey solutions, we partner with organizations that provide a variety of complementary services and technologies.

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See below for the full list of MissionMode Partners:

Complcasete Aviation Solutions is a global aviation, tourism and hospitality company that provides services to industry. Complete Aviation Solutions’ strength lies in its ability to provide managed solutions that are flexible and specific to their clients needs. The company is underpinned by practical experience matched with best practice processes, ensuring a value-added result every time. CAS is a trusted reseller of MissionMode Solutions to the aviation industry.

Far Efeeg-partnerast Empire Group (FEEG) is a technology and marketing driven group of companies which acquire rights to state-of-the-art technologies, and uses these to provide world-class innovative solutions to businesses and government. FEEG works with businesses, local, State and Federal Government by offering complete solutions or advanced enhancements in the fields of security and information technology. Working with strong partners allows FEEG to offer locally accessible representation and very effective access to global economies in many geographical locations.  FEEG is a valued MissionMode reseller.

DDV Technologies MissionMode Partner

DDV technologies delivers enterprise-wide Internet and Crisis Management solutions. They have unique expertise in knowing what ticks in the system at the relational database backend and what counts in responding to both anticipated and unanticipated crises enabling companies to derive positive bottom line contributions while protecting their businesses, assets and people. DDV is a trusted reseller of MissionMode solutions.

unotelos-partnerUnoTelos Ltd. integrates and delivers advanced technology solutions and services to improve the operation and resiliency of organizations’ IT environments. They have deep application experience in network protection, security, remote management and mobile tools. UnoTelos has a proven track record of integrating solutions for all sectors, simplifying customer operations so they can concentrate on growing their core business. Founded in 2005, the company is based in Lagos Nigeria, Accra Ghana and Nairobi Kenya. UnoTelos is a MissionMode reseller for Africa.

Juicy Solutions MissionMode Partner

Juicy Solutions is a trusted partner for web based applications, multimedia solutions, ICT consultancy, e-learning and a wide range of safety and environment products including extensive experience with crisis management applications. With years of experience and knowledge, this team has the ability to quickly implement and develop flexible and efficient solutions using the latest technologies and international standards. Juicy Solutions is a trusted MissionMode reseller in the Caribbean market.

Truscott Crisis Leaders LogoTruscott Crisis Leaders is an Asia-Pacific Crisis Management and Business Continuity consultancy; leaders in getting back to the future. Truscott advises companies and State Owned Enterprises from China through to Australia on hot issues, threats, commercial exposures and operational risks. Their team of Crisis Practitioners and Continuity Planners guides executives in the art of crisis leadership to develop and implement strategy for business continuity, liability and reputation under pressure.

accuweather-partnerAccuWeather delivers mission-critical, weather-driven, enterprise solutions that assist business, government, media, and institutions worldwide in protecting their people, property and profits from the effects of weather. AccuWeather’s enterprise products include the most accurate, site-specific, customized severe weather warnings, short- and long-range forecasts, and applied weather information. Learn how the partnership is transforming response to weather threats.

Alertus Desktop Alerts and Digital Signage For over a decade, Alertus has specialized in reliable in-building emergency notification with an array of highly affordable products, including wall-mounted Alert Beacons which flash/sound and then display emergency notifications, digital signage override, desktop alerting, and text-to-speech voice annunciation interfaces to fire alarm systems and public address speakers. Learn how the partnership helps MissionMode customers deliver on-site alerts.

Ttruesentry-partnerrueSentry is the leading provider of intelligent digital video surveillance systems that is designed to monitor and protect assets using digital and analog cameras. This cutting-edge security solution provides unprecedented threat detection, alert notification and response capabilities using video monitoring, alert motion sensors and patented video content analysis software. TrueSentry is the only commercial alarm monitoring system that integrates with computer-aided dispatch systems.