How Prepared Are You?

Incident Management, Business Continuity & Emergency Mass Notification Systems

DRI International LogoDo you have an incident management system and business continuity plan in place for crisis communications and mass emergency notification?

Are your teams trained and ready to deploy these plans at a moment’s notice? Are they armed with the tools they need to quickly and easily notify impacted parties and manage disruptive events with minimal business impact?  MissionMode can help incident communication solutions.  Our Situation Center Suite helps businesses manage routine events and major emergencies with easy-to-use crisis management and mass notification tools that will dramatically simplify your emergency preparedness and business continuity processes.

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Proven Tools for Business Continuity Plan Success

Many business continuity plans struggle to gain traction due to a variety of factors, including; lack of executive sponsorship, insufficient training and testing, and the absence of metrics to track success.  MissionMode provides the tools business continuity teams need for effective crisis resolution, making managing disruptive events faster, easier, and more effective.  Tools that take business continuity plans off the shelf and put them at your team’s fingertips for superior operational readiness. Organizations that have invested in crisis/incident management systems report significantly higher levels of crisis preparedness.  These tools are proven to boost BC/DR program success by:

  • Standardizing incident management processes
  • Simplifying team training and test exercises
  • Speeding access to plans, templates and team resources
  • Improving visibility of project checklists and task status
  • Boosting communication speed and accuracy

MissionMode’s Situation Center™ acts as your team’s virtual incident command center to simplify and standardize incident management and increase organizational resiliency.  Our easy-to-use, cloud-based solution is available anytime, anywhere including via our advanced mobile application.  The centralized dashboard creates a common operating picture as each event unfolds which enables faster decision-making and more effective response.  That’s why industry-leading organizations around the world depend on MissionMode solutions to reduce response costs, boost operational efficiency, increase safety, reduce legal risks, and protect lives.

Emergency Preparedness – Enabling Mass Communications

When an unplanned business disruption occurs, communication is key.  Whether you need to ensure employee safety, manage complex schedule changes, alert customers, or simplify business continuity team communications, MissionMode can make it easier and faster.  Our Notification Center™ uses intelligent automation rules to ensure operations emergency preparedness with successful message delivery.  You can deliver alerts based on team affiliation, roles, titles, geography and more, plus messages can be delivered across a variety of devices until receipt confirmation is received.  Notification Center has an industry-leading feature set and can be coupled with our Situation Center for an end-to-end incident management solution.  Notification Center advantages include:

  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Enables anytime, anywhere communications
  • Smart automation for personalized message delivery
  • Escalates alerts across devices
  • GIS mapping for location-specific alerts
  • Recorded voice alerts or text-to-speech
  • Multiple ways for recipients to respond
  • Real-time status of receipt confirmation and feedback
  • One-touch connection to a conference call
  • API integration toolkit

MissionMode is changing the game when it comes to crisis communications and incident management with tools that simplify and standardize emergency notification and incident management and arm your business continuity team for success.