Standardizing information

Standardizing Information Gathered During Crisis Management


Many types of information need to be captured during crisis management, no matter what the crisis. This can range from incident reports and situation updates to regulatory and compliance documentation. If the information is captured in a freeform manner, such as on paper or via email, the information is not standardized. Each person’s data may be in a different format and use different terminology, which makes reporting difficult and hampers getting an accurate view of the situation.

Using forms solves those problems. However, paper forms can be misplaced and might not be accessible to everyone who needs them, particularly when team members are in different locations.

Electronic forms eliminate uncertainty about what information to capture and who needs to see it. Even electronic forms, though, can be overlooked or inaccessible when they’re stored in different applications.

These problems can lead to delays—or worse.

A better way to collect and manage incident data

Fortunately, there’s a solution. MissionMode’s Situation Center incident management system gives you a single place to complete, manage and complete forms used for a crisis response—all within a simple-to-use virtual command center that has been proven effective during all types of incidents.

Situation Center Forms standardize the information that’s gathered, minimizing error and ensuring that no details are missed. Forms are processed faster and important information flows to the right people.

Electronic forms are also a perfect complement to the Situation Center’s incident log, which captures free-form data and file attachments.

MissionMode’s smarter mass notification and incident management applications enable organizations to take control of crises, and reduce the time and cost of the response. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demonstration.