Mobile Control

Mobile Incident Management

mobile apps ENSWhen an incident or crisis occurs, where will you be? In front of a computer? On the go? Many of your incident responders will be mobile, so you need a way to communicate and coordinate actions using mobile devices. Our emergency notification and incident management mobile apps enable your team to drive an incident response to a successful conclusion, no matter where they are located.

MissionMode’s full Situation Center Suite is available via mobile app. Whether you need to send or receive emergency notifications or are launching a new Situation Room for an event that’s unfolding, our mobile incident management applications will allow you to access our full feature set on the go.

Notification Center Mobile™
Notification creators easily launch alerts with just a few taps on the screen. Customized templates ensure that the right people are reached with the right message. Quickly communicate with any number of people within minutes—anywhere, anytime.

Situation Center Mobile ™
The power of our web-based incident management application in the palm of your hand. Using tablets and smartphones, your teams collaborate, communicate, manage tasks, access plans andother documents, and send alerts. Straightforward and easy to use.

Go far beyond ordinary mass notification. Establisha dialogue using rich, 2-way messages, forms, photos and location-based services. EarShot is used for detecting potential crises, gathering eyewitness intelligence, reporting safety and security issues, communicating with field personnel, and much more.