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Mobile app for crisis communication - MissionMode EarShot Interactive Crisis Communications


Don't just send an alert. Establish a dialogue using rich, 2-way mobile messages, forms, photos and GPS location.


It's not possible for you to be everywhere and see everything that might affect operations, safety and security. It is possible, though, to know what's happening by using the eyes and ears of your staff.

EarShot goes far beyond simple notification. It combines a unique mobile app, web-based control console and emergency notification in one integrated system. With EarShot, you communicate using rich, 2-way messages and location-based services, even when SMS and voice communications channels aren't functioning. Exchange messages that include:

  • Unlimited text
  • Forms and checklists
  • Photos
  • Documents and links
  • GPS location
EarShot mobile crisis communication app with forms, photos, documents and GPS location

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Increase safety and security using existing resources

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Avert potential crises by crowdsourcing eyewitness reports
  • Allocate scarce resources and set priorities based on real-time intelligence
  • Precise communication with field personnel
  • Exchange detailed information with specific groups
  • Catalog problems using forms, photos and GPS location
  • Increase situational awareness and safety
  • and much more

Using the web-hosted console, your team orchestrates the response by targeting information to and from people on the ground. Staff members at any location get a common operating picture of what's occurring.

In an emergency, request information from people at the scene. During daily operations, exchange time-critical information with distributed personnel. With the location-based services, you know who and where the information is coming from.

Incident costs and liabilities are reduced by minimizing the impact of a situation and reducing the risk of future incidents. Operational costs and time are reduced by gathering important data from distributed locations.

How will EarShot transform your communications?

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Revolutionary mobile crisis communication - MissionMode EarShot

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EarShot mobile crisis communications app

Not Just for Crises

Report malfunctions, damage and safety hazards

Field service communications

Location check-ins

Security status checks

Severe weather instructions

Plus many other applications

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