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Smart incident management and emergency notification software from MissionModeIncident Management Simplified

The Situation Center


When a time-sensitive incident occurs, your teams need the right tools to work together efficiently and communicate effectively—no matter where people are located. And there's no room for incident management software that's unnecessarily complicated and difficult to use.

The easy-to-use Situation Center simplifies your response to any type of crisis. It's a streamlined incident management and crisis communications system—a virtual command center that reduces the time and cost of returning to normal business activity. When a crisis occurs, the Situation Center puts you in complete control.

Versatile: from simple operations log to major crisis management system.

Proven: battle-tested during operations use and the toughest disasters.

Flexible: the system fits your processes.

Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration

From the start, your teams are equipped with the right plans, people, files, task lists, and alerts. Team members in any location or time zone work together as if they were in the same room. They share information, access files, manage tasks, send alerts and ensure that no details are overlooked.

Straightforward and Simple to Use

Unlike most incident management systems, the Situation Center is easy to use, yet advanced enough to support major disasters and continuous operations use. With the intuitive interface, users quickly become productive, even with minimal training. Administrators can spend less time configuring and maintaining your system, freeing them for other tasks.

A Common Operating Picture

A real-time dashboard puts up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. Every authorized user has a clear, centralized view of activities, even across multiple events and departments—information that's critical for decision-making.

Innovative Mobile App

When you're dealing with a crisis, you're probably not sitting at your desk. You need to drive the incident response from any location. Our mobile incident management app puts the power of the Situation Center in the palm of your hand.

Online Forms Management

Using electronic forms eliminates uncertainty about which information to capture and who needs to see it. With the Situation Center, you have a single place to manage, control and complete the forms needed during a crisis response.

Incident Management Features

  • Incident message log
  • Team and individual task checklists
  • Version-controlled resource library for any type of file
  • Integrated emergency notification with automation rules
  • Real-time dashboard with color-coded visual indicators
  • Attach any type of file—documents, photos, video and more
  • Online forms creation and management
  • Individual command sub-rooms for specific teams
  • Mobile incident management app
  • Customizable templates
  • Automatic time-stamped audit log
  • Secure chat
  • Integration toolkit
  • and more

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Technical features

Save Time, Money and Lives with the Situation Center

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"MissionMode provides a common operating picture across all departments. Our staff can see at a glance the status of any incident and make better-informed decisions."

Airport Manager, Birmingham Airport


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