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Smarter Emergency NotificationMissionMode's intelligent mass notification software

The Notification Center


In a time-critical situation, there's no room for human error or an unreliable emergency notification system. You need mass notification software that's easy to use and manage. One with smart automation features to ensure a successful alert. Bullet-proof emergency notification software that you can trust.

Video overview of smarter emergency notificationThe MissionMode Notification Center is built for mission-critical enterprise use, yet it's easy to use and manage. Industry-leading organizations around the world depend on the Notification Center to deliver thousands of messages in minutes.

Recipients are rapidly notified through their preferred communications devices, including land-line, mobile, smartphone, tablet, Blackberry, VoIP, SMS, email, push notifications, digital signage, pager and fax.

Intelligent, Personalized Message Delivery

Using automation rules, the emergency notification software adapts to changing situations. It contacts alternates, selects teams based on roles, sequentially contacts groups, escalates alerts between devices and more—all based on your criteria.

Easy to Use and Manage

Choose a template and click a button. It's that simple to notify any number of people through any communications device. Even a novice user can send accurate, targeted alerts in seconds. And, unlike many other mass emergency notification systems, administration overhead is low, so your team is more productive.

Real-time Information for Decision-making

The dashboard confirms the real-time status of each notification, providing instant feedback—not making the user wait for several tense minutes. View receipt confirmations and responses such as "on-site in 30 minutes". See the overall progress at a glance, drilldown when you need more detail, and send follow-up alerts based on the responses.

Mobile Emergency Notification

During an incident, many response team members will not be at their desks. They need a way to launch and respond to alerts from any location. Notification Center Mobile puts the power of emergency notification in a tablet or smartphone.

Advanced Features When You Need Them

The Notification Center has unique features that are not found in many emergency notification systems.

  • Send different email, SMS and voice messages to different types of devices in the same alert
  • Recorded voice alerts or text-to-speech
  • GIS mapping tools—select recipients by map location
  • Customized automation rules
  • Real-time dashboard—alert status at a glance
  • One touch connection to a conference call
  • Launch and respond to alerts on tablets and smartphones
  • Multiple ways for recipients to respond
  • Create templates for any scenario
  • Automatic time-stamped audit record
  • API integration toolkit
  • and many additional features

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A System and a Company You can Trust

Customers trust our mass notification software because we deliver flexible software that fits the way they work, innovative features, and world-class customer care. Our resilient global infrastructure has been battle-tested in a wide range of circumstances. You can depend on the Notification Center to send the right message to the right people and devices, even during a fast-moving crisis.

See How The Notification Center Saves Time, Money and Lives

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"The MissionMode system is intuitive and easy for staff to use 'cold' during a critical event. And the system did not require us to change our processes."

Emergency Planning Manager, AWP



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