Disaster Recovery Best Practices

IT disaster recovery teams are in place to create processes to avoid widespread outages and to solve outage and other IT systems issues when they occur. However, the most well prepared plans will not be successful without the right tools. For IT disaster recovery plans to be executed effectively, mass communication and incident management systems need to be in place.

Build a Business Continuity Team with Decision Authority

Business meeting

Although most organizations have contemplated – to some degree – the what and how of business continuity plans, including discussions about the stability of the IT system and what to do if the company’s facilities or IT infrastructure are compromised, the who is often overlooked. Assigning business continuity roles and responsibilities to each of your team members and documenting that information in your plan will ensure that all the details are handled in a timely and consistent manner. If your organization has no business continuity plan in place, it’s fine...
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Build a Reliable Defense Against Cyber Attacks


How your organization would respond if under attack from a physical assault or fire is obvious. Someone would dial 911 and emergency services would arrive quickly to assist. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said if your organization is the target of a cyber attack. Your best offense in this scenario is to create a resilient defense against cyber attacks. Let’s take a look at the top priorities any organization should adopt to build a reliable defense against cyber threats. Evaluate Your Skills, Fill Gaps It’s crucial to evaluate your security team’s core...
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New Study Highlights Increasing Concerns Over Cyber Security

Cyber Security | MissionMode

The Business Continuity Institute’s recently released survey report, “Horizon Scan 2015” shows a shift in focus among business continuity practitioners away from weather and natural disaster-related concerns towards cyber security.  BCI conducts this global study across a wide variety of industries annually to track both threat concerns and business continuity best practices.  Some of the most notable findings in 2015 include: Fear of cyber-attacks has moved from the number three position to the top spot since 2013 with 43% of respondents reporting it is an “extreme concern” Supply chain disruption...
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EMV Card Deadline Come and Gone

EMV Cards | MissionMode

Remember that October 1st retailer deadline to provide chip-friendly credit and debit card payment terminals?  Turns out it was a softie, as industry analysts estimate that only around 50% of US retailers have made the transition which is a major step for financial services providers and retailers to address the rising tide of credit card data breaches. EMV Card Transition Concerns Cost, obviously, has been a stumbling point for many retailers.  So, too, is the overlap with the start of the holiday shopping season, a time of long lines, impatience...
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Close the Gaps in your Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Emergency Response

Although we might have a baseline understanding and systems in place to handle a disaster, the reality is that most businesses will experience significant downtime as a result of an unplanned disruption. Three in four companies worldwide have inadequate disaster recovery plans according to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 Annual Report. In the majority of cases, this is simply because companies do not have the time or resources to sufficiently safeguard all areas of their business. In order to secure your business, let’s take a look at some of...
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Extensive Government Security Breach Proves All Are Vulnerable

What we can learn from the OPM Security Breach - MissionMode

We are led to believe that the U.S. government is ultra secure because it has some of the best protection in the world. Apparently, our cyber protection is not as perfect as we imagined since the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently had two major breaches of personal security. Officials from the OPM have commented with only extremely vague communication about the incident publicly, and on July 10th, Katherine Archuleta announced her resignation as the head of the OPM. At MissionMode, we believe that any business can learn from this incident...
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Black Friday Data Breaches: Consumers Are Still Vulnerable

Christmas shopping identity theft - data breaches - MissionMode

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Target’s 2013 Black Friday data breach that compromised 40 million credit card users, it doesn’t appear that shoppers are shying away from shopping via credit or debit cards to avoid a similar predicament this year. In fact, a new study by Deloitte found that 56 percent of consumers will shop at retailers that have experienced a data breach this past year, including Target, Home Depot, Kmart and Michaels, even though 42 percent said they are concerned about their personal data. These are similar...
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FBI Issues Data Breach Warning to Healthcare Companies

FBI Issues Data Breach Warning to Healthcare Companies

Hackers have found a new and very lucrative target: healthcare industry companies. The data breach issue is so troubling that the FBI just issued a federal law enforcement bulletin to healthcare industry companies warning of “malicious actors targeting healthcare-related systems”. Pervasive Problem Last year, the healthcare industry accounted for 44 percent of all breaches according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, making it the first time the healthcare industry surpassed all other industries in this measure. In contrast, the financial services industry represented just 3.7 percent of the total in...
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Safeguard Data Centers against Physical Security Threats

Data Center Physical Security

To some extent, every person with a digital persona—the majority of first-world inhabitants—has been threatened or dealt with the fallout of a data breach. When news reports blast out information on the latest hacker attack, users rush to change passwords and secure accounts while organizations debate the best way to safeguard digital assets in any way they can. It’s most often the physical security of the data center—the heart of any modern organization—that gets overlooked by high-profile attention to cyber security, but, if compromised, it quickly becomes a major issue...
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Record-Breaking Data Security Breach: IT Disaster Prevention Tips

MissionMode data security breach

It’s happened again. Another data breach. And this is the worst one yet. 1.2 billion user name-password sets 500 million email addresses 420,000 websites After the theft of tens of millions of records from Adobe Systems and the 40 million credit card numbers plus other personal information stolen from Target in the midst of last year’s holiday shopping season, we thought we had seen the worst. We were wrong. This time a group of 20 Russian hackers managed to secure information from thousands of business websites both large and small,...
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