Business Continuity Trends

Business Continuity Drives Adoption of Cloud-Based Services

business continuity planning

Why are enterprise organizations migrating to cloud-based services in droves? According to a recent online survey of 250 IT decision-makers in the U.S. and U.K. sponsored by NaviSite, they are lured by the cloud’s reliability, uptime and service levels to enhance their enterprise’s business continuity planning. Although the comfort level with cloud-based services for IT infrastructure is increasing among America’s IT professionals, security still remains a top concern. IT Infrastructure Shifts to the Cloud for Many Organizations The cloud’s appeal is certainly increasing as evidenced by the more than one-third...
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Business Continuity Readiness Tip: Streamlining Operational Logs

MissionMode Readiness TIp: Operational Logs

Challenge: Many types of health and safety operations are required to maintain a log of daily events and to make that log available to staff across multiple locations as well as external regulatory agencies.  Log entries need to be timely, accurate, time stamped and to include specific information on actions taken to resolve.  Below is an example of a log entry for a routine jetway issue at an airport terminal: Date/Time Issue Response Resolution Time Impact 09/30/2014  17:45 Jetway door malfunction at gate 24 Maintenance contacted to repair 18:15 Flt...
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Business Disruption Risks Increase in Hong Kong

business disruption

Over the last three months, nearly 20 percent of countries have seen an increase in business disruption, and Hong Kong led the pack with the largest increase over the last quarter according to the Civil Unrest Index (CUI), a quarterly survey of 197 companies conducted by the risk analytics company Maplecroft. Risk management professionals should monitor and plan for the potential complications that these events may pose to their businesses. Unrest in Hong Kong Hong Kong is now classified as high risk according to the index. If the last few...
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Business Continuity Planning: How Resilient Is your Supply Chain?

business continuity planning

Financial and resource priorities are constantly jockeying to get management’s attention in today’s corporate world, and oftentimes a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP) gets neglected in favor of more immediate, pressing considerations. According to a recent study from the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute, supply chain resiliency, a critical element to any well-developed business continuity plan, is being ignored by 90 percent of firms surveyed. Vulnerabilities to Comprehensive Planning While 68% of businesses have some level of business continuity planning in place, supply chain resiliency seems to fall...
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Study Indicates Business Continuity Management Maturity Growing

missionmode BCM Study

A recent survey released by Continuity Insights suggests there is still significant room for improvement in business continuity management (BCM) program maturity across organizations of all sizes and industries. As shown below, only 5.8% of respondents rated their program maturity as Level 6 – Synergistic, meaning that cross-functional coordination allows for upstream and downstream testing of business continuity plans.  The majority of respondents (52.5%) fall into levels 3 and 4 which means that they have centrally governed BCM teams that provide support and oversight to business units across the organization...
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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2014

BCAW 2014

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is on March 17-21, 2014. It’s an annual global event that is facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). The purpose of BCAW is to provide a vehicle to raise the awareness of and to showcase the value of Business Continuity as an integrated part of an organization’s strategy. BCAW is a high-profile event that delivers high-value benefits to both the BC newcomer and the BC professional. BCAW opens up the doors to anyone who wants to find out more about what business continuity is...
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Getting Employees to Care about Business Continuity Plans

emplyess business continuity

An InformationWeek article by Wendy Schuchart caught our attention because it addresses a problem that plagues business continuity efforts around the globe – the average employee simply does not care. If employees don’t care, the best-laid business continuity plans will be difficult to fully implement. Here is Wendy’s list, with our own take on each item. 1. They have no idea that a plan exists. While they probably are actually aware that there is a plan, most of your employees probably have no idea what your business continuity plans consist...
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Infographic: Business Continuity Best Practices in an IT Environment

always BCM

The constant parade of new hardware and software that necessarily comes into a data center makes for a lot of moving parts that can be extremely difficult for IT managers to integrate into a business continuity best practices plan. Data center managers need to hold down capital expenses while maintaining and supporting ever-expanding demands. This infographic from eWeek contains interesting statistics and practical guidance for ensuring that your systems are “Always up, always on”. The image is courtesy of eWeek. Click on the image to view it full-size.   MissionMode’s smarter mass...
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Business Continuity Planning and the Boston Bombings

boston bombings

The bombings at the Boston marathon were a tragic reminder that terrorism can strike anywhere at any time. Business continuity planning professionals should be thinking about the effects of a terrorist attack and incorporate those scenarios into their plans. Mike Jennings wrote an excellent, lengthy article in Continuity Insights about lessons we can learn from the bombings. More than half a million spectators lined the route of the marathon. Thanks to the excellent preparations of responders, the casualty rate was lower than it could have been. Mike cites access to...
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Secrets of Building a Business Continuity Program

Webinar global

Most organizations need to develop a Business Continuity Program (BCP) to ensure that they can withstand disruptions and build a truly resilient organization. However, many organizations struggle with the creation, implementation and management of BC programs, whether they are small or on a global scale. A new webinar will communicate to Business Continuity professionals the secrets of building a Business Continuity Program. The webinar is titled “Secrets to Building a Business Continuity Program”. Based on more than two decades of BC experience, presenter Michael Lazcano will share his experience, lessons...
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