The Hospital Safety Score: An Incident Management Approach to Hospital Safety


The stats are unsettling. As many as 440,000 people die every year from preventable errors in hospitals. One in 25 patients acquire an infection in the hospital. That’s one of the reasons The Leapfrog Group has established the Hospital Safety Score, a bi-annual assessment of hospital safety that gives consumers an apples-to-apples way of comparing facilities and hospital administrators a framework for improvement. The national nonprofit group’s incident management approach to hospital safety results in a common language to identify issues and to track improvement. What is the Hospital Safety...
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Lessons Learned from Blue Bell’s Ice Cream Recall

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The moment news broke about the recent listeria outbreak that caused Blue Bell to voluntarily recall all of its products from store shelves, the public’s natural need was for information about the situation—who was in charge, what was being done and the severity of the threat. The company’s comprehensive and proactive action in the face of the biggest crisis of its 108-year history is a model for how to manage crisis communications. Let’s take a look at some of the crisis communication tactics practiced by Blue Bell to find ways...
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New Whitepaper Helps Organizations Maximize Crisis Preparedness

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Boost Readiness With a 4 T’s Approach Any organization that invests in business continuity and disaster recovery planning wants to ensure that the investment in time and resources results in improved resilience. Unfortunately our Readiness Survey results confirm what many other benchmarking studies have found: Most organizations today are not meeting their business continuity program maturity goals. Download MissionMode’s new whitepaper to better understand the primary obstacles organizations face in achieving business continuity program maturity. The paper explores the issues and offers a practical, step-by-step approach to boosting readiness by...
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MissionMode Announces Mobile Enhancements for iOS and Android Users

MissionMode Mobile Release Announcement

CHICAGO, May. 1, 2015 — MissionMode, provider of innovative enterprise software solutions for incident management and mass notification, has launched a new release of MissionMode Mobile, a mobile application that enables anytime, anywhere crisis management. MissionMode Mobile extends the capabilities of the company’s core web-based applications Situation Center™  for simplified incident management and Notification Center™ which provides intelligent emergency notification. MissionMode Mobile includes a variety of unique features that dramatically improves an organization’s ability to manage unplanned events. During a crisis, responders are typically away from their desks. They can’t use traditional crisis...
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Climate Change Drives Up Insurance Claims and Need for Continuity Plans

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Since there is a direct causal relationship between severe weather events and an increase in property and casualty insurance claims, the insurance industry keeps a close eye on the science of climate change. With the combination of high-value property and an increase in severe weather events, studies done by risk management firm Munich RE estimate that North American weather-related losses have quadrupled since 1980 causing more than $500 billion in covered losses between then and 2011. With weather-related losses growing at such an amazing clip, the need for businesses to...
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Readiness Best Practices: The Importance of Executive Sponsorship

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The most commonly cited impediment to BC/DR program success is a lack of management support, and this is for good reason.  New and non-established BCM programs have to overcome serious inertia in order to succeed. Business continuity is not a core competency of most organizations and few employ a full-time team of BCM professionals.  According to the 2014 CI/KPMG benchmarking survey, the majority of organizations have between 0 and 2 FTEs dedicated to the primary BC/DR functions: Even when launched in the aftermath of a major disaster like the World...
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Webinar Replay: Best-in-Class Crisis Preparation

Jason Zimmerman, MissionMode Customer Experience

Best-in-Class Crisis Preparation: Maximize Readiness with the Four T’s If you missed our April 8th webinar with DRJ, don’t fret.  You can still catch the replay. In this webinar, Jason Zimmerman takes an in-depth look at common pitfalls as well as solutions to improve business continuity program effectiveness that any company can implement. He shares results from MissionMode’s Readiness Survey and experience gained working with MissionMode clients including Gap, Inc., Xcel Energy and others to illustrate how the right combination of teamwork, templates, testing and tools helps organizations enhance their...
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Reputation Management Crisis Lessons from Secret Service


Imagine being U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy. It’s only been a little over a month since he was appointed permanently to the top position at the Secret Service on February 18, and he’s facing yet another scandal the likes of which caused his predecessor, Julia Pierson, to resign under pressure last fall. When news agencies blast headlines such as CNN’s “Gate-crashing agents make 4 Secret Service scandals in 3 years,” you know you have a reputation management crisis that requires immediate attention. Lawmakers Scrutinize the Secret Service Following Recent...
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MissionMode Sponsors DRJ Monthly Webinar – Register Today

DRJ Webinar Sponsored by MissionMode

Register today for the April 8th Disaster Recovery Journal Monthly Webinar Series event, “Best-in-Class Crisis Preparation: Maximize Readiness with the Four T’s Approach” sponsored by MissionMode. Jason Zimmerman, MissionMode Vice President of Operations, will provide an in depth look at the inhibitors to business continuity program maturity and what companies can do to improve program effectiveness.  He will share results from MissionMode’s Readiness Survey and experience with MissionMode clients including Gap, Inc., Xcel Energy and others to illustrate how the right combination of teamwork, templates, testing and tools helps organizations...
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Managing Your Company’s Reputation on Social Media

Managing Your Company's Reputation on Social Media - MissionMode

Social media is increasingly becoming a go-to channel for customer service, but there is a serious disconnect between consumer expectations and company norms for responsiveness and issue resolution via social channels. Social media channels are often run by marketing or communications departments in large organizations, which can mean they do not receive the same type of customer service scrutiny as call centers or email-based customer inquiries.  There is a strong argument that social media should be a dedicated team shared between Marketing and Operations in order to maximize effective responses...
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