Take these 5 Steps to Verify your Vendor Resiliency

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If you haven’t thoroughly analyzed your vendor resiliency and potential supply chain interruptions, there may be a gaping hole in your business continuity plan no matter how thorough your internal team has been according to the PwC whitepaper, “Business continuity beyond company walls: When a crisis hits, will your vendors’ resiliency match your own?” As the business world becomes more intertwined and dependent, it is essential for you to assess the resiliency of your vendors with these five steps in order to be sure you can count on your vendors when...
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Incident Management Systems: Poised for Mainstream Adoption

Incident Management System | MissionMode

This is the first in our four-part series, “Incident Management Systems: A Business Continuity Program Game-Changer.”  The goal of the series is to help business continuity practitioners better understand the role of incident management software so they can evaluate how these tools might help boost program effectiveness. Here we will explore how incident management systems support the business continuity function and why adoption of these systems is growing at a fast pace. Incident Management Systems may be the best kept secret in the business continuity world.  Organizations that have deployed...
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Risk Management Advice for Boards

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If you sit on a board for a company, there are critical things you should know about the company’s business continuity plan. Although there’s virtually no management team that relishes time or resources spent on these plans, the investment is worth it when an unplanned incident occurs. Having a road map in place for your BC team to follow results in quicker recovery and a reduction in losses. As a board member, it’s your responsibility to take these plans seriously. Risk Management Advice for Boards before an Event Define your...
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New Study Highlights Increasing Concerns Over Cyber Security

Cyber Security | MissionMode

The Business Continuity Institute’s recently released survey report, “Horizon Scan 2015” shows a shift in focus among business continuity practitioners away from weather and natural disaster-related concerns towards cyber security.  BCI conducts this global study across a wide variety of industries annually to track both threat concerns and business continuity best practices.  Some of the most notable findings in 2015 include: Fear of cyber-attacks has moved from the number three position to the top spot since 2013 with 43% of respondents reporting it is an “extreme concern” Supply chain disruption...
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Prioritize IT Security to Reduce Damages when Breaches Occur

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The Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking security breaches since 2005, and it’s abundantly clear with the release of the organization’s latest report that the threat continues to grow each year. Although there were widely publicized breaches such as the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management, VTech Learning Lodge and Anthem in 2015, there are many more records that have been compromised to some extent, but that don’t get the press coverage or qualify as an official IT incident within the definition of the study. For purposes of their report, the...
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Maximize Holiday Sales With a Good Business Continuity Plan

Holiday retail sales | MissionMode

As retailers know, the closing weeks of the year can represent nearly half of annual profits.  From Black Friday through New Year’s, retail sales increase exponentially, and employees and IT systems feel the strain.  In order to mitigate the effects of this added pressure and to prepare for any catastrophic event this holiday season, the experts at MissionMode have some business continuity tips to share to help you maximize holiday sales. Safeguard Retail Sales with a Strong IT DR Plan Whether your holiday rush happens online or in-store, system downtime...
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EMV Card Deadline Come and Gone

EMV Cards | MissionMode

Remember that October 1st retailer deadline to provide chip-friendly credit and debit card payment terminals?  Turns out it was a softie, as industry analysts estimate that only around 50% of US retailers have made the transition which is a major step for financial services providers and retailers to address the rising tide of credit card data breaches. EMV Card Transition Concerns Cost, obviously, has been a stumbling point for many retailers.  So, too, is the overlap with the start of the holiday shopping season, a time of long lines, impatience...
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Supply Chain Business Continuity Plans

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Expect the unexpected: It’s a mantra that should be adopted by every supply chain manager. Since globalization has altered the cycle of manufacturing and the majority of time the raw materials/supplies, manufacturing facility and customer all reside thousands of miles away from each other, our supply chains are extremely vulnerable to manmade and natural incidents that can halt normal business operations. The continuity of your business is dependent on your ability to keep supply chains open, manufacturing running and clients supplied. The best way to do this is to include...
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Readiness Best Practices: Leveraging Social Media in a Crisis

Social Media for Crisis Communications | MissionMode

Social media can be a powerful tool in a business continuity  management program arsenal, however, according to a PwC survey of business continuity managers, 57% of respondents are not systematically leveraging social media in their programs, and only 8% believe that social media has helped their organization better identify and respond to crisis events. Social Media for Business Continuity Management There are many ways business continuity managers can leverage social media in a crisis, but to be effective requires forethought and training. A2014 survey on Social Media in the Workplace revealed...
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Can Your Organization Survive a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes and earthquakes caused death and destruction across the globe in the past week from Mexico to Pakistan. This should serve as yet another reminder of the importance of readying your organization to survive a natural disaster. Every organization needs to be in a position to: Fulfill their duty of care responsibilities towards employees Manage internal and external communications Activate response plans to enable the fastest possible resumption of normal operations Manage supply chain disruptions…and more One in four organizations impacted by a natural disaster never reopens their doors.  View...
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