Reputation Management Crisis Lessons from Secret Service


Imagine being U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy. It’s only been a little over a month since he was appointed permanently to the top position at the Secret Service on February 18, and he’s facing yet another scandal the likes of which caused his predecessor, Julia Pierson, to resign under pressure last fall. When news agencies blast headlines such as CNN’s “Gate-crashing agents make 4 Secret Service scandals in 3 years,” you know you have a reputation management crisis that requires immediate attention. Lawmakers Scrutinize the Secret Service Following Recent...
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MissionMode Sponsors DRJ Monthly Webinar – Register Today

DRJ Webinar Sponsored by MissionMode

Register today for the April 8th Disaster Recovery Journal Monthly Webinar Series event, “Best-in-Class Crisis Preparation: Maximize Readiness with the Four T’s Approach” sponsored by MissionMode. Jason Zimmerman, MissionMode Vice President of Operations, will provide an in depth look at the inhibitors to business continuity program maturity and what companies can do to improve program effectiveness.  He will share results from MissionMode’s Readiness Survey and experience with MissionMode clients including Gap, Inc., Xcel Energy and others to illustrate how the right combination of teamwork, templates, testing and tools helps organizations...
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Managing Your Company’s Reputation on Social Media

Managing Your Company's Reputation on Social Media - MissionMode

Social media is increasingly becoming a go-to channel for customer service, but there is a serious disconnect between consumer expectations and company norms for responsiveness and issue resolution via social channels. Social media channels are often run by marketing or communications departments in large organizations, which can mean they do not receive the same type of customer service scrutiny as call centers or email-based customer inquiries.  There is a strong argument that social media should be a dedicated team shared between Marketing and Operations in order to maximize effective responses...
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BCM Exercises – The Importance of Drills

BCM Exercises - MissionMode

It’s a fact; business continuity management programs (BCM) that consistently perform well-planned exercises get better results when dealing with real crisis situations. Practice Makes Perfect Running BCM exercises is a key role for any business continuity program leader. Drafting BCM plans and making sure they work effectively in a crisis are two wildly different things. Plan testing is critical from a number of standpoints: Team Building: Unlike many teams, business continuity teams frequently consist of cross-functional representation including a variety of individuals who do not typically collaborate outside their BCM roles. Most of these...
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MissionMode Benchmarking Survey Spotlights Opportunities

Benchmarking Survey Results - MissionMode

MissionMode launched our Benchmarking Survey in September 2014 to help companies rate themselves on a number of business continuity key success factors and determine their overall Readiness Number.  The Readiness Survey is just one component of our Customer Readiness Commitment aimed at helping our clients improve the maturity of their business continuity programs. Preliminary results are now in — hundreds of organizations have taken our survey and the average readiness index is just 58! Overall Readiness The survey covers a wide variety of BCM program success factors, including: Team composition and executive support...
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Learn More About MissionMode at Spring World 2015

DRJ Spring World 2015 - MissionMode

Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World, the No. 1 conference dedicated to business continuity, is coming up fast.  It’s not too late to register for this year’s event in Orlando, FL March 22-25.  Already registered? Schedule a demonstration to learn how MissionMode can simplify your ability to manage unplanned business interruptions. Plan Your Visit With so many great speakers and valuable educational opportunities, getting the most out of the Spring World event takes some pre-planning. Don’t miss Robert Edson, MissionMode Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, on Sunday, March 22 at 4...
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Readiness Best Practices: Creating Effective Business Continuity Plans

Creating effective business continuity plans - MissionMode

While globally, the level of maturity of business continuity programs continues to rise, there are still many organizations that do not feel fully prepared. On average, respondents to MissionMode’s Readiness survey rate themselves at 58/100 in overall preparedness, and a recent disaster preparedness benchmark survey found that 75% of companies worldwide are failing in terms of IT disaster readiness. According to our Readiness Survey, 60% of organizations have underdeveloped plans as follows: 6.9% currently have no business continuity plans in place 21.6% have preliminary plans created but not trained 31.9%...
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PwC Survey: Directors and Investors Aligned Over Risk Management

Risk Management - MissionMode

When it comes to priorities in the boardroom, investors and directors don’t always agree on everything. The degree to how much the viewpoints of public company directors and investors vary is precisely what PwC set out to uncover when they completed their annual corporate directors and investors surveys. It’s probably no surprise to operations emergency preparedness leaders that when the results were collected, overall risk management was very important to both groups. Risk Management is a Top Priority for Directors and Investors According to the survey, directors and investors agree that risk management...
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Minimize Economic Damage when the Next Storm Strikes

Minimize Economic Damage

The numbers are staggering. Four major winter storms. Eight feet of snow. An economic loss that will likely reach billions when all is said and done. Residents of Massachusetts can’t wait for this winter to be over, but it has also been an especially challenging season for business continuity management experts. Forecasts for Dramatic Economic Damage “This winter weather has been economically devastating,” said Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump, who also served as secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, indicating the impact of this winter will be felt long after the...
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Get the New Edition of eBook – The Art of Crisis Leadership

eBook: The Art of Crisis Leadership - MissionMode

The second edition of the incident managment eBook The Art of Crisis Leadership: Incident Management in the Digital Age has just been released, and we are pleased to offer it to you free of charge! Author Jim Truscott, CEO of Truscott Crisis Leaders, has helped business leaders at the helm of a variety of companies representing several industries deliver effective incident management leadership when faced with business-halting events. Updated and Expanded Incident Management Content Incident management in the digital age presents crisis managers with an array of challenges. Although the fundamentals of...
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